Rudeness, things you've said to people when they've been rude..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. Rudeness, things you've said to people when they've been rude..

    As a small business owner I've drawn the unscientific conclusion that people are at their rudest when they have no money, or, are just being pikey. I hear all sorts of shite all day long about why they can't buy something, but usually it all boils down to one common thing, they have no money.

    What's the best retort you've given some ignoramus after they been an obnoxious cunt...?
  2. 2 quick jabs to the ginger cunts face after he tried to start a fight after it transpired I was talking to his ex outsdie a pub in 2010. Still got the scar on my knuckle as well funny watching him stagger back and his mates carrying him away saying leave him he's had enough.
  3. Usually find that a nicely delivered Brachial strike does the job, i've only had the pleasure once after some cunt tried it with my Mrs, he'd verbally abused her then tried his luck with me after she told him to "Go away" He was very rude to her so he was duly punished. Turned out he thought she was someone else....he wont do that again.
  4. Thats not rude, that should be standard treatment for gwars.
  5. When a foaming at the mouth Bouncer in Mr Smiths said, "out or I'll drag you out". I replied, "I bet your cock's not as big as your mouth". I laughed all the way to the pavement.
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  6. After night shift at 14 Sigs in the cook house:

    'Hi Nags, how would you like your eggs?'

    'On a plate and quick about it'

    Sorry Pal, sorry ACC.
  7. I think the rudest thing I have probably said is "No thank you" The No might have been like this though if I was really being a bit Ramboish. No thank you.
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  8. I usually state that 'Manners Maketh the Person' followed by 'Rudeness Maketh the Cnut' followed by 'Rudeness Hurts' followed by a swift punch to the nose.....
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  9. At a boot fair in Cambridge, load of immigrants coming round trying to buy stuff on the cheap or get given it. £1 for that? Me no, it is £5. Them "only have a pound". Me "Still No, you can't have it".
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Someone I don't like very much, once told me I'm a "bit of a chubber"

    (I admit, I was carrying a bit of 'holiday weight').

    I told him, "I'm only fat cos every time I shag your wife she gives me a biscuit"

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  11. You should start shagging your own wife, she gives cake.
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  12. Eddo brands Walt!
  13. And yours gives Caviar,,but tastes of fish.........
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  14. A nicely delivered what?

    Duly punished?

    A punch in the arm, or a wallop using your inner bicep? Gayer.

    Are you Werewolf?
  15. Glad to hear she doesn't wash for you.
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