Rude word game

and while i'm so utterly bored, i decided to see how many rude words i could make out of the letters in INTELLIGENCE CORPS.

so far i have got CLITORIS, GROIN and PENIS.

and if we join forces with the RAF, we can also squeeze in a bit of ******* and GENITALS :)

obviously, merging with other cap badges will allow lots more possibilities. this intrepid reporter will keep you updated.
we're a bit short of some vital letters here.... so if anyone can think of a regiment with W, A, and K in the title, please let me know :)
... and obviously, we're just looking for the approved abbreviated titles.

otherwise we would just amalgamate with the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry. and that's just too easy.
B*gger, you got there before me.
Married with two kids, sex is just a distant memory...
Well, sex with more than just myself involved is a distant memory...
if anyone has the Military Medal (MM) then we can have *******...

and from just the letters of our beloved corps, you can get POLITE GIRLS. but i can't do anything with the remaining NENCEC... :(

*sigh* back to the drawing board.
...and if we combine with Bournemouth University OTC (BUOTC), then we can all have PUBIC LICE... :?

but even worse, combine with the HAC and we get GENITAL HERPES :D


War Hero

A bit poor, I'll get my coat

CR, you are weak!

try using all the letters of INTELLIGENCE CORPS

CLERIC LETS PEN GO IN (ohh err missus! topical)


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