Rude Paddy How To React?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flyinghussar, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. I would be interested in any comments that are constructive or otherwise. I now work in a very large school in a Technical Support role and a while ago was helping a new head of a department sort out her computer problems. As she was new and I recognised her accent as comming from Northern Ireland I asked what part she was from. Just being polite and and making conversation and I thought a reasonable thing to do as she was new. Her reply was Belfast to which I replied Oh! I knew Belfast quite well I was there in 70/71 in the army. Her reply was Well I would of been one of the kids throwing stone and spitting at you then. Thats nice I thought as we were there trying to stop the stupid Micks from slaughtering each other. Or did I get that wrong. I made now adverse comment but finished my job and left. This female has quite an elevated position within the school and a huge salery to match. Should she even be in this country with that attitude........ No offence for all you normal fun loving Guinness drinkers from North and South of the border some of whome are good mates........... :? :( :x
  2. if she is a good looker then give her some nasty bum s*x with sand added for extra lubrication. She will never look you in the eye again.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The answer should have been "If you'd been older, I would have been 'one of those squaddies' that shot you"
  4. Should have kept your mouth shut, you were almost asking for it
  5. Next time you meet...

    "perhaps we did meet in 71, I was the bloke that butt stroked your kisser or am I mistaken and you really fell out of the ugly tree hitting all the branches on the way down?"
  6. next time she mentions NI, just say "you're welcome".

    but yeah, my vote's with Bipeds:

    "If you'd been older, I would have been 'one of those squaddies' that shot you"
  7. All kids growing up in certain areas of Belfast at that time bricked patrols. It was what they did. She is now grown up and has presumably moved on. I don't still think and act the way I did when I was a nipper.

    You introduced the subject of Belfast in 70/71 and told her what you were doing. She responded and told you what she was doing. Quite possibly it was meant light heartedly. Is there a problem?
  8. Get a large piece of perspex, pot rivet a handle to it and lay in wait outside her classrom door with a base ball bat in one hand, and your new "Riot shield" in the other (You could also get an open face helmet and paint it green for extra realism). As she exits the classroom, take a run up and blindside her with the shield, preferably into some lockers (they make more noise when you smash into them). As she crumples to the floor, rain blows around her head and shoulders with the bat, screaming "Spit at me now you fcuking bitch!"

    When your case comes up in front of the beak, claim PTSD and say the voices made you do it.

    Job's a good un.
  9. Howdo flyinghussar,

    As a Southern Irish Castle Catholic half-Scots fellow I'll throw in my fourpence ha'penny worth...

    I suppose what you do - if anything - from here depends on what manner the woman said what she did to you. If her words were meant to be jokingly ironic, then no harm, if not, then I'd let it lie fact, best to let it go either way. As Vonshot said, you probably should have said nothing. In your position I'd initiate no further discussion on matters NI-related unless she does, in which case be guarded in what you say. Keep matters polite, friendly and professional with her and you'll do alright.
  10. I don't know what it is up there but I've often found that both Green and Orange flavoured NI people have "anger management" issues. Not all of them by any means but as a population they tendency to lose the head that I haven't encountered among English or non-NI Irish people.
  11. All teachers are c+cks anyhow, no doubt she is barely competent in her position but they are unable to get rid of her

    I'd suggest, rumours of touching one of the boys/girls up or suggestions that she takes recreational drugs at the weekend while swinging

    Some toilet graffiti should move the process along

    to add to the mental pressure key her car and poke stuff in her locks

    Alternatively be a man and realise the world is full of objectionable C+NTS and you are just gonna have to live with it
  12. Agreed mate - best do nothing is the sensible jobber.

    Although themanwhos idea is more satisfying :twisted:

    Edited for mongness :oops:
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Download lesbian porn onto her PC whislt she's out teaching then find it in a "random" check. If you make the girleis as young as possible she'll get done for illegal use of the school computer and end up on the sexual offenders register.
  14. As this is in the NAAFI i'm going to give you some less than useful advice gleaned from elsewhere on this site...

    If that plan fails to make it to fruition i quite like Themanwho's suggestion.
  15. She was being friendly, and probably fancies you. Take her out for a nice cup of tea.