Ruddy Hell Its Harry & Paul

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. yes, they are back to their top form.

  2. no, complete & utter sh1te.

  3. could'nt give a toss because i have a life & was in the pub.

  1. did anyone else catch this much hyped comeback show last night on bbc1.


    personally thought that some of it was good (the geordie sketch) but some of it was p1sh.
  2. Give it a time - it's bound to be good. Paul Whitehouse is a comedy god.
  3. Hope it improves, a couple of good sketches mixed with crap.
  4. i always thought he was funnier than harry also.
  5. And there's plenty of room for improvement. First few sketches were ok but then it degenerated into pure shite.

    The U2 sketch was fcuking cringeworthy.
  6. glad it was not just me then.
  7. But he's consistently demonstrated he can't 'do' an Irish accent.

    So let's have a U2 sketch and show Enfield's attempt is just as bad.

  8. Agreed - if ever anyone was due a good kicking - it's Bono - but the opportunity was wasted and embarrassingly so.

    The whole thing was lazy, dated, and unfunny, a shadow and pastiche of The Fast Show - they were turning out better material 20 years ago.

    It was as disappointing as 'Max and Paddy' after the genius of 'Phoenix Nights'. Can only think that Enfield needs the money, and Whitehouse is doing him a favour.
  9. The Fast Show ran from 1994 to 2000, which is a little bit less than 20 years ago. Nice try, though.
  10. Have I got News for you was much more entertaining - especialy the bit about the Navy captives
  11. Ian Hislops new Navy salute was pure class.

    Did ANYONE get the sketch on Harry + Paul about the doctors at surgery?? That was total pish, some of the other stuff was good though, in particular the Georgie sketch :lol:
  12. Though there wasn't that much that hasn't already been covered in the FEW threads here on ARRSE.
  13. I notice that Charlie Higson isn't involved in this programme. Bearing in mind his Fast Show stuff and the fact that him and Whitehouse used to write Harry Enfield's stuff when he was really funny, perhaps this could be the missing factor.
    BTW - what about 'Ted & Ralph' for an Irish accent?
  14. Yep caught the show, and was really looking forward to some light hearted
    laughs, sad to say utter Pish and drivel.

    Nothing new or groundbreaking here.

    Fast Show..Epic... :D
    This tat.. B0llocks.. :x
  15. Coming from Merseyside, I really wish I could have 30 minutes with him in a locked room, see who goes 'Ay ay ay' and Calm down' then.