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Soda consensus is we've risen to the occasion without serious injera?


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Haha it’s a good laugh mate ;-)

My fiancé and I want to travel the whole UK on foot, carrying all our belongings with us. This means cutting down on loads of belongings and unnecessary rubbish, but also exposure to long, tough hikes carrying weight - who knows how much??

I plot a 12km route on OSMaps- we then walk it. We started off at zero weight a year ago. The idea was - we train to walk / building weight first, then, when we have got enough weight, we will work on distance. The idea is we each make our own decision to go up 3kg, or stay put. So far I’m up to 33kg. (Misses is 18 or something). We walk very very slowly - we will work on speed later I guess. Now the pack is digging in and as I go up more and more - it’ll start being an issue.
Yeah, once again I'd take some advice from professional walking-long-distances-with-heavy-bags people, and suggest you are carrying way too much weight. Your fiancee has it about right. If you are doing really long distance walking, you want to be carrying as little weight as possible. If you can (presumably) replenish food easily, there is no reason to be carrying more than 20kg. But you need to be rigorous about getting weight down, only take what you absolutely need, and then find ways to cut that down (soldiers cut the handles off toothbrushes and take those tiny travel toothpaste tubes).

I'd suggest getting one of these, this and something like this. Tents, camping kit and sleeping bags are all well and good if you are up a mountain or have a vehicle to carry them, but if you are walking forever in above zero temperatures, you don't need them. A very warm jacket, hammock and rain sheet will achieve the same for half the weight and space.

Trust me, it might seem like a good craic now, but carrying lots of weight for a long time will get old very fast. Professionals learn to cut down the weight. Building it up and carrying more is only done in the military because you absolutely have to carry heavy things over which you have no control (radios, laptops, weapons, ammunition, batteries, etc) - and even then the amount of personal kit (such as you will be carrying) is cut down to max 10kg, usually.

The smart move is to cut your kit down, not train to carry more. However fit you are, kgs are kgs. Carrying 30+ kg around the UK will be miserable, you will not enjoy it, and you will look to bin stuff as you are going around. Set a limit (no more than 25kg, I'd suggest 20kg) and work to that.

Alternatively, crack on, and come 40+ you will have totally fucked knees and ankles like me!
My knees started to go at age 30.
I got through a shit load of Bruffen and tubigrip:(

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