Ruck sack style tool bags.

Discussion in 'REME' started by bernoulli, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of a decent, multi compartment tool bag that can be worn as a rucksack?
    I know it is a bit of a daft question, but I have found that I need something like this for the regular job (often despatched ashore in Antarctic) and for working in marinas at weekends, when you don't want to heft a steel tool box down all the ramps and gangways etc.
    Patternised or commercailly available, any ideas would be welcome.
  2. I've never seen such a thing Berni, but I have seen someone rig their own by lashing a couple of toolbags to a bergan/alice pack frame with cableties, it seemed to work well.
  3. Our Sparkies used to have a small tool bag, nothing too big in there though, however, the med pack bergan might suit your needs, a crash out bergan which splits down into handy compartments. Worth a look, could be tailored by those nice people who work at ITC.
  4. Use a std issue Bergan with tool rolls in it.

  5. I,ve found a fairly handy sized tool bag , about the size of a week-end bag, with wheels and a puul up handle . It has spanner loops inside and pockets for screwdriver etc. I got mine from my local MAKRO.
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  9. glad to know I can still get some things right.

    PS:- sorry this was nothing about a tools rucksack, but he did ask. :wink:
  10. What about the old ECE bergan? Just a thought, lots of pouches, but a little on the DPM side!
  11. PS- Pompey Jock......HTF did you know that?
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  13. Try B&Q they always have builder's tool bags, holdalls and rucksacks etc. If you are not too worried about fashion then get a Gelert rucksack from Halfords for about £12. They always (the rucksack) have loads of little compartments and pockets etc.
  14. while we are on tool bags etc: anyone seen some good quality green plastic toolboxes in the shops?? if so where ??

    have seen some that came back from the gulf that were used for medical supplies etc, but havn`t managed to obtain one..... yet.