RUC Service Medal

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by PNTTR, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. I know it may be a long shot, Is there anyone out there selling or who knows who's selling a genuine RUC service medal with name engraved.
  2. I very much doubt anyone will part with their George Medal. They bloody well earned it.

    Now feck off Walt.
  3. There are many who have sold theirs already but they are crazy over-rated prices. Who the hell is Walt!!!
  4. PNTTR,A Walt is a Walter Mitty type who thinks he has served in the armed forces and other organisations,and he believes that he is entitled to wear medals gongs regalia etc etc.If a walt is spotted by those who HAVE served,his life is not worth living ever again,and a large jar of vaseline will be made available to the walt in order that he can dispose of his ill-gotton gains up his corus and verse.I am a recipient of the RUC service medal I and my fellow polismen would not dare part with it one bit.There yar now !
  5. Well done :wink:
  6. I actually do not collect such medals, this was only a query for a Foriegn Friend who collects such items. I can assure you Sir that I have better things to be doing in the Causes of Charity than pretending to myself that I have earned medals.
  7. Tell your foreign friend to stop "walting it"! and to get signed up and earn his own medals. Medals should be earned not bought. Your buying someone elses blood and sweat.

    Now feck off to Ebay or summat...
  8. PNTTR, how come PICA (NI) don't like you? (serious question i assure you)
  9. I dont know, why not ask them. They have been know to sell our pins at collectors fairs so im baffled!