Ruby Ridge

Discussion in 'US' started by No_Duff, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Can any of you Colonials recommend a book on what happened at Ruby Ridge.

  2. FBI entrapped a farmer, seiged his house, killed his son, killed his wife (who was holding an infant) killed him, and lied about the whole affair. Sick *******.
    I just saved you the cost of a book.
  3. You ******** :)
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    As just a mere colonial (as you put it) there is no such place as Ruby Ridge.

    It's well documented.
  5. Take your pick - but bear in mind most of the literature stands behind Weaver rather than the USG! Well given his outcome in the legal process, they would be foolish to say otherwise...

    Alan Bock (1995). Ambush at Ruby Ridge: How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His Family Down. ISBN 1-880741-48-2.
    Jess Walter (1995, 2002). Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family, ISBN-13: 9780060007942(originally published as Every Knee Shall Bow 1995), the 2002 revised edition includes an index. The Spokesman-Review received a Pulitzer Prize nomination for its coverage of the story. ISBN 0-06-000794-X.
    Gerry Spence (1996), From Freedom To Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny in America, St. Martin's Griffin. ISBN 978-0-312-14342-8.
    Jon Ronson (2002). Them: Adventures with Extremists. ISBN 0-7432-3321-2.
    Randy and Sara Weaver (1998) The Federal Siege At Ruby Ridge: In Our Own Words. ISBN 0-9664334-0-8.
    Christopher Whitcomb (2001) Cold Zero: Inside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. ISBN 0-552-14788-5.
    Danny O. Coulson & Elaine Shannon (1999). No Heroes: Inside the FBI's Secret Counter-Terror Force. ISBN 0-671-02062-5
    Ronald Kessler (2002). The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI. ISBN 0-312-98977-6
    Tony D. and Jackie J. Brown (2000). The First Canary: The Inside Story of Ruby Ridge and A Decade Of Cover Up. ISBN 0-9710248-0-4

    To be honest they did shoot his wife but far, far worse they shot poor old Striker the dog...
  6. Randy Weaver survived to be found innocent of all charges except Failure to Appear on the original charge of manufacturing a short barrel firearm. (even that was a screwup. He was told his original Court date was 20 March and it was actually 20 February.
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  7. He got $100k in compensation and each of his daughters got a cool million apiece...
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have recently read a book called "Them" not about "THEM" or "Hello sweetie fancy some bum love being one of them"

    It is about conspiracy theories and people views (extremists from the KKK to Ian Paisley) on The New World Order. There is a chapter on Ruby Ridge (No such place) and it is quite amusing. I shall see if I can find out the name of the author.
  9. You might want to consider Cold Zero

    It is a book written by one of the members of the FBI HRT

    Gives their perspective on Ruby Ridge and Waco
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

  11. Legal wrangling aside, I'd be more concerned that the US Government issued a 'shoot to kill' policy against its citizens, including the kids and animals!

    The FBI/USMS (which ever was doing the killing at the time) pretty much decided to kill first, and query lter. The wife, holidng a child at the time (one year old ish) was killed by a bullet passing through a wooden wall/door. She wasn't the intended target and the sniper didn't give a fcuk that he was shooting in to a structure that was unlikely to stop a bullet and could have people in the way of hte bullet; who he had no way of knowing where the fcuk they were within the structure.

    Utter balls up. And mainly down to a wrong date on a letter and a complete cluster fcuk in regards to liasion between teh myriad of US enforcement agencies involved.

    Waco was simiarly bonkers, nothing like driving a bunch of whack jobs over the edge with psychological warfare and then wondering why they started acting irrationally. Especially when they were waiting for an apocolyptic event to trigger their 'rapture' or what ever it was they were waiting for, so the US enforcment agencies gave them an apocolyptic event... coplete with tanks.

    Didn't the local USNG Engrs unit bulldoze the place days after the end? Nothing like a good thorough search of the compound, you know for all those illegal weapons, drug labs and all the other things they claimed were in there.
  12. Thanks Gents for the info.
  13. That bloke who blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City claimed to be acting in reprisal for the two events.
  14. The BATF were the bad penny that popped up both times at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    Every administration has a pet Federal Agency, Bush senior had the DEA, under Clinton it was Reno and the BATF, under Bush junior (the thick one) it was "Homeland Security" and Obama seems like Kennedy his role model to be deeply in love with the special forces and CIA.

    Either way the agency with the presidents ear at the time has to prove it's worth the funding by showing that they are doing something to "get tough" on who ever is that years scape goat, this can end in witch hunts and displays of paramilitary force that go tits up.
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  15. IIRC according to Christopher Whitcombe's Cold Zero, the shoot to kill policy was issued after a marshall had been killed.