Ruby Murray

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by vinniethemanxcat, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. My wife loves to go out for an Indian, she really fancies herself as an Indian curry expert.

    Anyway, one night we stayed in and I cooked a curry for her, after bragging that I could make a better job of it than the robbing Asian bastards down the road.

    She took one forkful, grimaced & chugged a full glass of Kingfisher.

    "Have you wanked in this?" she asked.

    "No of course not," I replied quite outraged.

    "OK", she said, "Apart from that one omission, not a bad first attempt"
  2. i lost my wife in a car crash yesterday its her own fault for not wearing a seat belt in a convertible, fucks knows where she went
  3. Fuckin hell, you managed to post a different joke! Any reason you are polluting shite joke with the same two black eyes joke you dull kunt?
  4. I was also thinking the same, reviewing his posts he doesn't seem like a spammer, maybe left PC unattended?
  5. I quite enjoy them, it's helps with this dementia ;-)
  6. Maybe his carer left him unattended :)
  7. Maybe i was fucking your mum , dickhead
  8. You don't take constructive criticism well do you?
  9. Touchy little fecker ain't ya! :)
  10. You don't take your dads dick very well do you .?
  11. Yes Sire i am ;)
  12. Nah he's just a cunt.
  13. I did get that slight impression from looking at his posts - I was originally thinking it was a wind up but I've now come the same conclusion as yourself and the vast majority of Arrsers; CUNT! :)
  14. Yea so do i , i just don't know why . I just think it's just cuz hes not sad Keyboard Like yourself's swallowing to much of your dads cum you cant handle it so you just sit on your PC feeling neglected and have to make friends with other loners who spend there life posting because they think they clever but are actually no life scum . ;)
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This is another of Remi's windups. You are all biting. If not, then he is an epically retarded cunt of hitherto unseen proportions.