Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffd, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Is there any merit in the idea of disposing of our waste into volcanos?
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  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Given that the nearest volcanco I'm aware of is Mount Vesuveus (spelling?) in Pompeii (spelling?) I'd have to travel a long old way just to get rid of my old car battery and some half-full tins of paint...

    ...that as well as the fact I'd be far too tempted to dump it all in France and save myself a few gallons of petrol.
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  3. Vulcanising France doesn't seem such a bad idea.
  4. That was just one box of crap though.
    Don't know if it would scale up if you chucked a truck full down there but is it worth a "year without summer" just to get rid of a couple of tons of pizza boxes and potato peelings?
  5. had same thought but i guess nature prefers the slow release of gas, chemicals etc from rubbish etc via decomposition over violent, rapid expulsion of gases. gives the plant time to adjust. or give it a chance.

    in a few decades we'll probably have to go back to making disposable stuff from natural fibres etc anyway. possibly. a theory. mine. i've handled plastics made from wheat oil for example...sure more work can be done. but it is energy intensive so solar power would be the way forward.
  6. Sounds great so long as you don't live near one. So yeah, sounds great.
  7. Why not just dispose all rubbish in Wales? It's closer.
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  8. have they not told you about the proposed volcano near you? dont you read those notes strung on to lamp posts or something?
  9. Edinburgh Castle is built on an old volcano. Can't we just cut a hole in the floor and drop it through?
  10. Not trying to sound like Les Dawson or some such but...

    My mother in law has got a temper like a volcano and please feel free to dump rubbish on her. in this heat she's touchier than a touchy thing.
  11. In a few decades globally we (humans) will still be making huge amounts of rubbish, bio-degradable, toxic or otherwise because there is money to be made by doing so. China and India don't give a shit about anything apart from making profits.

    We are going to hell in a handcart and there is nothing any hippy pinko sod can do about it until it becomes unprofitable.
  12. yeah..(sniff) (spit) (kicks rubbish pile)...we'll do that then! :eek:)
    i agree. that's the other possibility! most likely. also when they invent the steel which is as strong as spider silk we'll have mga city buildings for all i expect. make the shard look like a medieval cottage. just hope the lifts dont break.
  13. It's a sad fact that if we keep buying it they will keep making it. The culture is price not quality, turn that around and we may have a chance.