Rubbish terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozduke, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel slightly insulted by the poor quality of the recent attempts?

    On the one hand, I'm completely relieved about the lack of casualties, but I can't help but feel if we were regarded as at all important in the terrorists' scheme of things, they'd field their 1st XV against us instead of the jihad-walts involved at Glasgow.

    I mean to say, dowsing a carload of gas cannisters in petrol, sparking it and still not managing to get a bang? Kids round my way have better results every night from late October to mid November.
  2. Maybe Blair only let in the special needs terrorists?

    Long may it continue.
  3. Dead right Carrots!
    Remember the old days with the 'RA?
    Mercury tilt switches, semtex, sniper attacks with Barretts, Lynxes getting shot down with M-60s...they had a bit of style, didn't they?
    Probably all sipping Guinness in Dundalk nowadays. (thank God)
  4. It really does seem that we are under attack by the 'learning difficulties' wing of Al Queda.

    It will probably drive the conspiracy theorists nuts, but I suspect we're looking a bunch of nutters who came over all Jihadi, looked on google for a bit, and thought 'let's try that'..... It's a bit like road rage drivers, so long as they only hurt themselves in the ensuing accident....
  5. If they were trying to cause mass casualties, or a second September 11th, they failed miserably. If it was a PR stunt then fcuk me - They made the front page of every newspaper, and the top story at every news station from here to Australia and back round the other side.
  6. Trouble is, when they singe their beards doing so they'll be holed up in some nice little private hospital until it grows back.

    Keep paying those taxes guys!!
  7. Be careful for what you wish for chaps.

    if I was a Jihad leader, I would be a bit miffed by these useless cnuts and send in the A-team instead
  8. Yes, show a bit of sensitivity, you lot.

    Mong-martyrs have feelings too, you know. But they were a pair of twots. Surprised they didn't kneel on the concourse rubbing two sticks together.

    I do hope the rest of them are just as bad. I doubt they will be, though.
  9. Maybe the coppers and spooks are doing a better job than they get credit for?
  10. Seconded.

    I could'nt live with myself if I was killed by terrorists as stupid as that...
  11. Very possibly. My first thought when I heard about the attempted bombings in London was that the IED's had been Jarked.
  12. personally I think most of the ira are now working in irish call centres plenty of opportunity to cause fear and loathing from your desk :twisted:
  13. Ah, Codbutt...the Good Old Days are gone forever!(wipes away a tear) :twisted:
  14. Just goes to show, you don't get far if you try to overthrow civil society by recruiting through Remploy.

    What next? Pink sparkly balloons filled with nerve gas? Ice cream in explosively-formed cones?