Rubbish reporting

Cargo perhaps?
I thought it was pretty common knowledge that it was lost to a mine strike on the ground. the torygraph seems to insinuate that it was something more sinister. Sh*te reporting.
Pyrex said:
Cargo perhaps?
I always thought it stood for "comfortable" ;)

Edited to add that the "130" was the amount of seconds it took to realise it wasn't.
I wish the Torygraph-online had a better comments section - that way such errors could be swiftly pointed out to the editor(s). I was under the impression that a MOAB could be lobbed out of the back, (even if we possessed it) but this is no excuse. As a civi working in Def Aerospace I'd expect much higher paid people than me to atleast check their facts - after all haven't they heard of wikipedia? :p

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