Rubbish from US Chinook Thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jeromesausage, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. maybe we should subtract them from total dead as might be a taliban own goal....
  2. Its 2011, and we cant seem to armour our helicopters well enough.

    I wont say RIP as they are dead, I will say it is very sad. No need for this to happen. Must of been a good weapon to bring down the coptor.

    Sounds like the survivors had a battle with the Taliban after. All the best NATO, keep up the good work. Its been a long war.. please lets finnish this soon.
  3. If it got hit by an RPG, how are you proposing to armour a Chinook against a weapon designed to take out MBTs and still have it able to take off?
  4. Some kind of forcefield... or anti misslie defences... um... thicker armour. Or maybe scan the area for enemy before you fly over in a coffin with wings.
  5. Or maybe stop talking crap about things you know sod all about, particularly when it relates to the death of almost 40 allied soldiers?
  6. Originally Posted by protectyourself
    Some kind of forcefield... or anti misslie defences... um... thicker armour. Or maybe scan the area for enemy before you fly over in a coffin with wings.

    What the hell are you on about, do you know anything?

    1. Forcefield....this is real life not star wars.

    2. Anti missile defences..again not effective against RPG's.

    3. Thicker armour...what like a foot of tank armour which would make the wokka a unable to fly.

    4. They do scan the area for enemy..however this is war not paintball on a saturday with your mates.

    5. Coffin with wings? This is a help not a plane.

    I cant believe the posts of this idiot... too much time reading comics and getting fat fingers on a PS3. Shame that these bellends are allowed onto here to post drivel about subjects they know nothing about.

    Rant over.

    @ yours mums forcefield up as I'm coming over to test it's defences.
  7. Respect is of course due, though if helicopters with 40 men are being blown out of the sky, surely we have to ask WTF is going on. If the Taliban now have new weapons which can easily pull copters outof the sky.

    To give them credit, a nice kill for the Teletubbies. They hold us down with IED's on the ground, now have a new weapon to take out the helicopters. All this talk is going to give me terrible dreams tonight.

    Not fighting in the war obviously I should be extra respectful, I apologise if not. Though I do believe that something has badly gone wrong somewhere.

    Maybe the copter was flying too low.
  8. Less is often more in the armouring of helis. I doubt it's a new weapon system, more likely a "lucky" shot with an RPG, I won't speculate any more than that though. RIP guys.
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  9. No, almost certainly not. This is real life, not Call Of Duty.
  10. Sorry all, I will keep sense of humour to the NAFFI from now on. Though I did prefer call of duty 2 jimmy.

    Maybe th trouble with helicoptors is the sound, if we could make them quieter maybe the Taliban wouldnt hear them coming..

    Quieter, electric helicoptors may be the way to go in the future. The technology is there to repel RPG's at a good weight, we just dont use it.

    I still maintain that if a coptor cannot take an RPG round its useless and should not be flying. Though granted these things are rare, and preferential to stepping on an IED.

    The Taliban dont have copters and seem to be doing ok.

    Plus what makes is strange is if it was night time how did the ban see the copter coming, maybe they have developed infa red or nightsight now. They are advancing quickly, maybe Iran is being friendly to them.
  11. "the ban"?? Really? And given that one can buy (admittedly rather more crude than current issue) night vision equipment in any decent optics shop, or indeed over the internet for relatively little, your second point is rather stupid. That said, I wouldn't be particularly surprised if a financial link between Iran and the Taliban was discovered.
  12. WAH shield up....
    I can't believe what I am reading. You are just winding us up and pretending to be a cretin aren't you?
    Electric heavy lift helos?
    Taliban developing infra red? Why would they need to when they can buy stuff on eBay?
  13. Die of Penis Cancer
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  14. Well its been proven/suggested in the mainstream media that Iran have been supplying portable anti aircraft systems to the Tali so this might explain this instance, might not do.

    Electric Coptors will be more mainstream within 10 years I am sure, especially for the Military.

    Morale of the story maybe is dont hover for long periods of time over hostile territory.

    God bless the dead RIP allies, your sacrifices are noted and appreciated.

    Sorry about the infa red remark, yes, it was dark humour.
  15. Because they just do it for fun now? How do you propose that the passengers (you know, the reason the chopper's there in the first place?) get on and off safely without it hovering/touching down?

    Are you actually in the Army/Forces?