Rubberised Capes!

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Skimmod, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Hey, does anybody remember the rubberised capes? That did up with a button at the neck?

    I've just found a couple in the loft and fancied doing some crime fighting this evening. :batman:

    Just failed to get permission from the wife for issued underpants outside my lightweights :cry:

    (edited to correct silly spelling)
  2. Weird, found one in the loft myself a couple of weeks ago.

    Issued as a cadet along with '37 pattern webbing in early 80's.

    Followed the traditional route: pride of place on hanger in wardrobe next to smartly pressed uniform; bottom drawer in tallboy; box on the wardrobe; under bed in spare room; loft; forgotten.

    I seem to remember it being a little 'foxed' back then - it was as crinckled and musty as a discarded whales' johnnie when I slung it.
  3. yes, it doesn't smell too good, i've been told it will repel evil henchmen etc... but slowly going off the caped crusader idea!
  4. I remember having one of them as a cadet as well, went well with the '37 webbing and No4 Lee Enfield - trogging around Catterick training area on summer camps etc circa 1981
  5. Stick it on E-bay, there is always some second world war re-enactment walt who is after the old kit.
  6. Yep, trying to keep dry on one of the clifftop lookouts at Ty Croes ranges in Anglesey (now used by Fifth Gear) and failing miserably... :roll:

    About 1972 I think...
  7. Running along the corridors in Chep convinced we could fly with the bat cape???? Oh jut me then?
  8. This isn't the Family Planning thread then?... :oops:
  9. Christ, Groundsheet Cape, you got wetter wearing it when it rained than not, Blurry useless piece of kit, that and those rattly crackly gas capes, Poncho were the dogs though.
  10. Still use the poncho, although not in Sainsburys if I can help it. Fantastic piece of kit.