The 1st was always superior... :wink:
Seriously, the question is like what is the difference between, say, the QDG and the Scots DG - well nothing really apart from the recruiting areas. Each regiment prides itself on its professionalism and enjoy the good times and the bad times together and when all's said and done, every regiment is as good as the other.
good evening from covent garden...any one for a nice bunch of...
its the differance between chalk and cheese.. red and SAFRON
norf and south...
them and us...
those who can win opfor and those up norf who get thier arrses whipped..

there is only one true ROYAL TANK REGIMENT::sadley they split it up..
im sure before long it will be just the RTR::
we are all great soldiers and great guys....FEAR NAUGHT:--THE RTR:


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mash said:
spoke to the ACIO and they said i should join the RKH
Wasn't the RKH a chemical recce variant of BRDM2? Must want 1RTR then.

I can NOT believe I have just recommended the Chavalry to anyone.
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mash said:
wat is the difference between the 1st and 2nd RTR
not a lot really. What's the difference between the 1st & 2nd Btn Grenadier Guards?

Although part of the same (large) regiment 1 & 2 RTR have many differences. These differences really pale into insignificance when the benefits of being part of a 2 unit regiment are examined.

1 RTR are in the main , the army part of the Joint CBRN Regiment. They have A Sqn at Warminster on Challenger 2 with the rest of the Regiment at RAF Honington on the CBRN role. 2 RTR are an armoured regt based at Tidworth.

The 2 regts do swap personell around so that everyone gets the maximum experience. Lots of cavalry types will "poo poo" the CBRN role but the facts are this.

1 RTR is the best retained Regt in the RAC. This means that less people quit than in any other regiment.

Many people transfer from other RAC units to 1 RTR, does this mean that the CBRN role is crap?

Movement between the 2 regiments will help any soldiers personal progession.

Most importantly both regiments were black coveralls!! who on earth would want to wear Gay , green coveralls, particually with a brown beret?

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