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  1. when i was at selection and passed the person i had intervie with said your recruiter allready put regiment choice down as rtr, im from south east so will i go to 2 rtr as this my local or not.

    any one got views on rtr ?
  2. Is that the job you wanted?

    Possible but i dunno. I have HCAV as my choice.
  3. Royal Tank Regiment maybe?
  4. Nothing wrong with the RTR :D.Just make sure it's the 2nd.
  5. I'm going 2RTR because it absorbing 3RTR which recruited from the South west and being a Penzance boy for 18 years of my 23 year life it was an easy choice.

  6. yeah thats the job i wanted he just already had picked my regiment as rtr, only found out when i was at selection, i think he must of been from that regiment as he is a tank crewman. i passed selection 28th april and have no yet recived my date so phoned the army centre today, and the women looked up my file and said my date is on the 4th of october.
  7. Unless you specify a cap badge or unit you will be loaded normally to your regionally recruited regiment, if you are from Kent it is 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (who also recruit from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Avon and Dorset), if you are from Surrey, East Sussex or West Sussex it would be The Queens Royal Hussars (who also recruit from Worcestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands) :)
  8. I think the missus would kill me if i ended up in Germany with the QRH.
  9. Oh god. Its a cornish man. Ya gonna be the true epitomy of 'Armored Farmer'. hehe ya still living in penzance?
  10. No had to move away due to the missus' job, bloody Surrey rent is twice what Penzance's was.
  11. Brrr. Surrey is rather pricey aye. At the moment the rents in exeter are really hitting me financially. Too expensive to live in britain these days
  12. Not in Scotland it isnt, £53 a month for my mortgage at the moment!!! :D
  13. Damn thats not bad at all.
  14. 625 a month for a 1 bedroom flat, it's just a squeeze at the moment.
  15. 670 quid per month here for a 2 bed flat with dodgy plumbing and a suspiciously 'non-sound reducing' double glazing hehe. Obviously built by the US Corps of Engineers hehe