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RTR Website

Very smart! A couple of thoughts:

1. I like the fixed width but did you decide not to centre the page? On my 22" screen it is on the left.

2. Navigation is great but some pages don't have it, example: http://www.greenflash.org.uk/bits/regimentalstandard.html

3. Have you checked for standards compliance?

4. Did you consider using a Content Management System which would have probably made it much easier? A decent one will allow extra pages to be added with minimal effort, etc - we recommend CMS Made Simple.

5. Thanks for the link!!

</geek off>
trelawney said:
Ummm something I have just finished for a course. Have a geek and comments greatly appreciated before I submit it!

That didnt happen to be a Home Learning College course did it? I would be interested in getting a PM from you about how you feel it went if it was. I am having dramas with them and would appreciate some feedback from others in a similar situation.

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