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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. To all Tankies serving and wishing they still served
    I have moved this out of the RAC REME T Shirt thread to hopefully, get your attention and feedback. Here is the design for a TShirt I've designed.

    Now, the aim is to get this into the serving Regiments, both 1 and 2 RTR have provisionally approved the design but here's the problem assuming you guys like the design.
    1 RTR have a PRI in E Anglia which the RQMS is willing to use in a bulk purchase of the shirt according to demand from all ranks but he needs feedback from you guys via your SHQs.....he has sent the image to each Sqn both UK and guys abroad then an order can be placed with me.
    2 RTR PRI Capt VW informs me that the PRI however has no funds with which to purchase bulk so, he too has sent the image to all OC's to get an order process under way but, from individual Sqns. Please, if you have not been made aware of this and would like a shirt approach your SHQ.
    The reason I'm asking for this is thus
    The larger the order the cheaper the shirt, if, between both Regiments, I can get a big enough order, the price you will pay should be around what you currently pay for a Regimental shirt under £10 each TBC.
    Individuals not serving, if you'd like a shirt please email me at malcycee@yahoo.co.uk soonest, just be aware that It's slightly disjointed due to the way the Regiments are performing is delaying me with getting the shirt physically produced. Serving chaps....if you want one, please please pressure your unit. Thanks and I'll keep you updated.
  2. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    All over this.... Its on the 2RTR Facebook page now..... Facebook is the gospel :)
  3. Thanks mate
    I think that if enough of the lads put the pressure on we'll get a speedy result as, at the moment, it's crawling along.
  4. Ghastly.
  5. What may you be referring to if I may ask??
  6. I am referring to the T Shirt design. The combination of the crown and laurels, taken from our cap badge, with the CR2 in place of what should be there is bad enough but the 'kicking butt' tagline is just cheap. Surely we are better than this?
  7. No. :roll:
  8. I am of course saddened that you don't like the design. It is based on the idea which I produced on Sqn TShirts while serving in the Third.
    The subject matter? Time marches on, the PRI at 2RTR is, I believe, in possession of T Shirts displaying the normal left breast capbadge...but does not sell very well. The younger lads of today want something to represent what they do with a tinge of wry humour hence the 'kicking butt' remark. I have however, flown this past the Regiments who seem to approve of it but, I will not produce this shirt until total approval is there as they have the right to change the text (which I have requested of them if required) if they wish to, something which, may be more apt?? Of course, if you can think of a better 'tagline' bang it on here and let's consider it.
    I served 15 years with the RTR and was very proud of it and the uniform and badge. It is not an attempt by me to cheapen anything, the CR2 angle appeared after my 3RTR reunion shirt appeared, plenty of requests were forthcoming for a CR2 version.
    As I said, your verdict saddens me but I value your input and, a better idea would be welcomed. Thankyou.
  9. Dont worry Arthur, you always get one.
  10. Cheers mate, I've been off the scene lately but, back now and will have plenty more designs. By Friday the Cav shirt design should be up!!!! And it will have text 'options' for peole to provide feedback on!!!
  11. Don't worry about it Arfur as long as the lads like it, maybe Ashplant would prefer a Fuchs! :D
  12. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    I like it and have had a fair few comments on it (facebook)... Will it be a print or Embroided ? Maybe we can do a respirator version for the 1st...

    I asked a friend if he would change the wording and all i got was " keep the first bit but change it to "shooting C***S since 1916" :D
  13. Yes, time does ineed march on and I am all for positive changes. The picture of the CR2 looks great but I feel that the combination of the CR2 and the laurels was an amalgamation too far. I can't offer an alternative to "kicking butt" but I am sure there are people much cleverer than me who could help you. I just feel "kicking butt" is a bit cheap.

    But this is of course just my view, it is not a criticism. If it sells, good luck to you.

    I too am very proud of the uniform and badge, that is why I don't like the version on your t-shirt. But it's your t-shirt not mine.
  14. It will be a screen print. Embroidery would not work on the TShirt as the image is too large and the shirt wouldn't stand upto it. The silver looks good though as it has a metallic content to it which reflects light in a suitably armour type manner.
    In the future, I may get a fleece done for individuals if there was demand and it would take the same format as the Armoured Farmer one I've done. The 'kicking Butt' comment may change yet if the Regiment feel something is more apt but, that's their perogative we see.....hopefully soon. I did originally have ' On tracks since 1916' but threw the Butt version in to guage response and, due to a general lack of feedback on the RAC/REME T Shirt thread it's sort of stuck. People, with a couple of exceptions..........well, one (sorry Ashplant), generally seem to like it though.
  15. Arthur, no need to apologise. I am used to being in a minority of one!