RTR staff sergeant crown place placement

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sandfox, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi wonder if any RTR guys here can assist me, on looking at a Sergeant RTR stripes on a Number 2 dress, they have a single WW1 tank on the right arm, if you are promoted to Staff Sergeant, where would you put the crown ? above or below the Tank emblem, wouldn't it look lopsided if a Crown goes above the Tank ? or is the Tank emblem is moved up above the Crown? as far as I am aware only ONE Tank emblem is worn throughout the ranks ?

    Its something I am not too sure of and I would like some clarification please, thanks Guys.
  2. All ranks wear the same Tank Arm Badge on No 2 dress............the SSgt crown goes above the Tank Arm badge, stripes below.
  3. I concur! :D
  4. Thanks Guys, so it doesn't really matter if looks a little lopsided, that is still the correct dress for RTR ?
  5. Sited correctly, it doesn't look lopsided........it's an optical illusion.