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Discussion in 'RAC' started by MightyBigEgo, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine has joined an RTR affiliated ACF unit as an adult instructor and she was wondering if there is an RTR shop for stable belts etc etc.
    Any help would be appreciated that i can pass on to her.

  2. Try Matalan or top shop, usually sell RTR kit :)
  4. Bovington Tank Museum has a great Gift Shop.
  5. seen elsewhere

  6. I was at the Tank museum 6 weeks ago and they had a large supply of stable belts.
  7. If she is fit she can come around and try my one on!
  8. What are you like :giggle:
  9. I get most of my stuff from JJB.

    RTR don't wear stable belts unless you're in barrack dress.
  10. or in lightweights as was the done thing in the 80's.
  11. That cos you can't fit in yours anymore mate???? :D :D
  12. Tried putting my old staple belt on the other month,did they go round the thigh/ do they shrink with time or have i put weight on :? :? :?
  13. do you normally dress up in old belts or was it a sex game..
  14. old belts or old uniforms - is there a difference?? :)