RTR PO visit to Germany+Advice for looking busy at work

Discussion in 'RAC' started by chosenmen05, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. Dear all in the RAC,
    I'm about to go on a PO visit to Germany and was wondering what I would be getting up to while I'm out there.
    Writing this is also a good excuse to look like I'm working in the office, does anyone know any good tricks to look busy in the office without doing anything work related

    Cheers All
  2. have two piles of paper left side and right side, pick up the left hand side pieces shuffle through. compair to the right hand side (maybe pick these up too)... look confused , relook at pieces in hand. rearrange ones already in left hand and replace ones on desk that were in right hand.... look confused again. go outside with a half jog or medium sence of urgency and dissappear out of sight. come back 2 minutes later... add a smile to your face as if you have sussed it. and repeat. helps if you chew a pen. adds to the "confused but thinking" look

    id like to thank my first boss as source of this information.. he had it down to an art.

    god bless you sir
  3. ditto on the original post, but I'm off to QRH- anyone had experiences that they care to share?

  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    1. Install Firefox. Get tabbed browsing working.
    2. Open a browser window to a highly work-related webpage.
    3. Press Ctrl-T to open a new tab. Do all your surfing in this tab. Keep the cursor close to the tab for the "work" tab and / or keep your left hand handy to Ctrl-Tab.
    4. Whenever you fear being compromised, either mouse click on the work tab or press Ctrl-tab to bring up the work tab. Keeping nonchalent, also change to an entirely different session. I find a mainframe emulator session works well as it's predominantly black. In the unlikely event you do have a mainframe session running, it's good to be monitoring a job so that, as he walks in, your job can finish and you can check the output. Probably also works with not real computers but I try to steer as far from them as possible. If yer boss sees the window change, you can lose him in the trail of windows you've gone through, and if he can see yer open tasks on the task bar, it'll display the title of yer work tab, not "British Army Rumour Service".