RTR on operations

Hi guys first post on the site hoping I have put this on the right place.

So I'm currently interested in joining the RTR as a tank crewman. My question is what other duties would I have to be doing outside of maintaining and driving/shooting eta of the tank? If anything else at all. So if I was to go on tour and was at a FOB or other type of base would we be expected to do guard duties or go on patrol? Or would this just be left to the infantry? So basically would I ever be using the infantry skills that I learn in phase 1 training?

Also a different question. How often would you get out the tank? So I don't mean in base but say if I was to go on a mission or a patrol in the tank are you in it in till you get back to base? Or would there be any reason to get out? For example to check the ground ahead, speak with allied troops or interact with locals perhaps. I have also seen pictures of a bivvy set up on the side of the tank so would you be 'out in the field' for a few days?

I realise there is quite a few questions here so if you can answer even some or all of them it would be greatly appreciated.

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