RTR Officers Grave On Crete

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by flyinghussar, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. A friend has just come back from hols on Crete with a photograph of the grave of one Lt G V Simson 20th May 1941. Royal Armoured Corpse. Son of Col and Mrs Simson is the inscription. He seems to be the only RTR person killed can anyone shed any light on the involvement if any of the RTR in this action. He may well have been attached to another rgt. would be interesting to find out some history.
  2. Balls, was in Crete a few weeks ago, would have checked it out if i had known. Was too busy getting rat faced in malia.
  3. Thank you for that really usefull!!!!! reply hope you had a nice time perhaps if you go back you will check it out. The war graves and the siting look superb poss some of the best views on the island.
  4. For starters:


    Shows he was 7 RTR.


    Iraklion and Rethymnon positions were under airborne attack on 20 May but does not necessarily mean that this is where this officer was killed. The cemetry itself is a consolidation of four cemetries at Chania, Iraklion, Rethymnon and Galata, and other individual burials.

    And just for luck a detailed account of the action in which Lt Simson lost his life attached to the Australian Army:

  5. Western. thank you for all that info very interesting I think Crete and the battle of, seems to be one of those areas that get sidelined. I will print off that info and pass it on. Once again many thanks... Martin aka flyinghussar :)
  6. Going back there myself in October. Beautiful place, fascinating history, lovely people - it's got it all really.

    A good account of the battle and the aftermath was written by Anthony Beevor. Available on amazon here

  7. We plan to take a Pilgrimage to Crete in May 2009. Check out our website for details to be posyted in early october.