RTR Meeting Morley(near Leeds) North Yorkshire:Jan 13th 2006


Tankies' set for rugby club reunion
Yorkshire Diary
Memories of the way we were. By John Thorpe MBE

Watch out, Morley is set to be invaded early in the New Year by some "heavy armour" and more reserves are being called-up – but residents of the ancient Borough needn't fear, these invaders come with good intentions.
They're ex-members of the Royal Tank Regiment – 'tankies' – a regiment formed by several military mergers which included the 51st RTR which at one time recruited almost exclusively from Morley.
Indeed, Morley Rugby Club and the 1st Tanks have a long history of mutual friendship. There've been visits to the Regiment, rugby games and visits by the Regimental Band but all this came to an unfortunate end with the demise of the Leeds Branch of the Regimental Association due to what ex-tankie with 27-years service, Paul Ramsay, describes as "members passing to the green fields".
There's been a Phoenix-style resurrection however but it's not been without its pitfalls because it's taken ex-Tankies 13 years to get official recognition.
Paul is branch secretary of what is now called the Scarborough RTR Branch which has around 300 members and which covers the north of England – Birmingham to the Scottish borders.
It held its first annual shindig this September, in Scarborough, and around 200 former members of the regiment travelled from near and far to attend.
And in September 2007, there'll be the second annual gathering in Scarborough but in between a function has been organised at the "spiritual home" of the defunct Leeds Branch – yes, at Morley Rugby Club on Saturday, January 13 2006
"Any ex-members of the old Leeds Branch are welcome to attend and will be offered membership of the Scarborough Branch," says Paul. "The match that day is the War of the Roses game against Preston Grasshoppers which kicks off at 1430hrs."
Later on there'll be a disco and some other surprises.
"I'm wondering if one may be the appearance of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment's pin-up girl of 1972, Ann Mosedale. I remember accompanying Ann on a trip to see the "tankies" when they were based in Osnabruck, West Germany. That was in June, 1972. The blonde Leeds beauty was an instant hit with the whole regiment from then Commanding Officer, Colonel John Maxwell, down to the rawest squaddie. But more on that another week.
Although the above article mentions 1RTR; the event is open to all ex comrades of the Royal Tank Regiment:The Scarborough RTR Association is open to all ex Tankies


Thanks elovabloke much appreciated hopefully it will be good event for
all ex tankies

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