RTR in the first gulf war

Discussion in 'RAC' started by masher69, May 15, 2009.

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  1. what was the RTR contrribution in the 1st gw , i know some were armoured delivery squadron , what else did they do ? just want to know if someone is telling me the truth !!! cheers all
  2. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    my old man was posted at the time, as far as i know they where still chieftain. Think they may have supported or where on standby in cyprus or somthing.
  3. They supported the effort by having their vehicles stripped for spares for those that went.

    None of the Regiments of RTR went on OP GRANBY. Individuals may have, but no formed Units.
  4. Unfortunately I'd got out before Granby but, 3RTR at the time were in NI and, as Bedin says, when they returned to Hemer they found their CR1s literally stripped for spares!!!! The photos my muckers have shown me have CR1 hulls on huge props as all the roadwheels and tracks were missing!!!!
  5. If I remember correctly didn't a RTR Band provide medical support, I'm sure that they were at Camp Blackadder prior on to moving on their allocated medical units. I saw few lads that I recognised from the Band whilst I was there.

    I am more than willing to be corrected on this.
  6. cheers lads , enjoyed the book arthur good read
  7. Thanking thee kindly zur for thee kind words. Currently on chapter 16 of the new tome!!
  8. Yeah they did and it was the Cambrai Staff Band that went, they were attached to 3RTR at the time and they were in NI as previously stated by A3B! For what it's worth I know of at 3 officers from 2RTR and 1 from 4RTR who were seconded to ScotsDG and 14/20 for GW1. In addition there were quite a few lads from 2RTR in the ADS.
  9. I took some really important notes in the Ops room in MoD and I had to brave the tube at rush hour to get there.
    Once, I even spilled my coffee so had to get to the dry cleaners unescorted.
    Life was a bitch, let me tell you; then we got mortared(1)

    (1) The official IRA line is that they were after the PM but they would say that wouldn't they?
  10. I stagged on in the 'dungeon' at HQ RAC to keep the map board, casualty figures etc up to date for DRAC. Sometimes I even had to stay awake during the night if the Duty Officer decided to turn up.

    ISTR a couple of the 2RTR SNCOs went to Marchwood to deliver some Bovington based challengers and got told at very short notice that they were going all the way with them, not back to Bovy. :D
  11. god imagine that phone call to 0A! won't be back for tea hun,
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Nothing changes then. I can remember my old man when we where in Singapore going of to work one day and coming back 6 months later having spent an interesting time in Borneo. In those days it was still pay parades so my old mum had to do a 30 odd mile round trip every week to get some dosh.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I was REME attached to 4 RTR. Quite a few lads from the LAD went out.
  14. During Granby, 1RTR had the whole of A Sqn placed on standby to support the ground offensive as BCR's.

    However we'd sent a load of lads from Recce and the MBT Sqn's to support those Regiments that had a number of vacancies in the turret. As we were still on Chieftain, some of the guys went back to Bovvy to convert over to the Bridgelayer that still had the same chassis as Chieftain.

    The rest of us either ended up staging on in Fally in the snow for the SDG & QRIH, or striping barrels on the tankpark.
  15. I was ASqn Fitters during Granby. I remember the stagging on at Fally just after the blokes had deployed (that morning IIRC). The wives coming past and spitting at us and calling us "War Dodging B-stards" and "Cowards" etc.

    A few weeks later, the same wives, "are you boys going out later, only me and a few of the girls are off into the town"

    "Fcuk off you rancid slags".

    Was it not on the return from BATUS, that we discovered our vehicles raped for spares? I can remember the TOGs installations had the cables chopped, they hadnt even removed the plugs. Just chopped through the cables and ripped the boxes out.