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Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Just to let you know, a TV company working for the BBC is doing a programme on RTR heroes of WWII, they are filming at the tank museum on the 25th May 2012 and are also interviewing WWII veterans, including two from the Bournemouth & Poole branch RTR Association. I will let you know when it's likely to be aired.
  2. I will look forward to it.
  3. Ray Leakey, should get a mention, and Buck Kite + Foote and Gardiner.
  4. More info

    Britain’s Hidden Heritage is a series for Sunday evenings on BBC1, which reveals the surprising and unexpected heritage stories that have shaped the lives of the whole nation. From the grandest of stately homes, to the landmarks of our crumbling industrial history; from the forgotten gems of our literary past, to Cold War icons. This is the second three-part series, and you can find the website for the first series here: BBC One - Britain's Hidden Heritage

    As part of our programme, we are including an item with Dame Kelly Holmes, who as you know used to be in the WRAC as a driver. She would very much like to do an item celebrating the deeds and heroism of the tank regiments in WWII.
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  6. Is Benghazi Bandit still with us? Would love to hear more from him.
  7. B & T, unfortunately I only knew his son!
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I never knew the son but had many a Sunday afternoon Scotch with dad. A fascinating man.
  9. Son is now Black Rod.
  10. Not an orignal tankie, but he did rebadge - Maj. Gen. P. Hobart.

    GOC Mobile Divison (became 7 Armd Div). GOC 11 Armd Div. GOC 79 Armd Div. Colonel Commandant, RTR.
  11. Maj Gen 'Pip' Roberts CB, DSO, MC late of the 3rd!
  12. Not, I hope, to be seen as some sort of grief whoring, the real heros tended to be the ones who never made it out of the issued tommy cooker. Most of the surviving honoured heros tended to see it the same way if you read their books.
  13. I worked for a good few years with a chap who went over on D Day +2 , he never realy spoke about what went on but would make odd comments - " Oh sir - we swapped our petrol shermans just before going over - one of the first things we saw when we got over was them all burned out in an orchard .... poor buggers " another was " we stopped in a field and all the troops jumped off - most of them were blown back on again minus their legs - we had stopped in a minefield "
    He had a nasty scar on the right side of his neck - " from being blown out the turret sir "
    Another when watching a women walking a dog across a field about 600 m away - " give her two paces lead sir and I could drop her with the .303 "
    I am ashamed to admit that one day I/we threw a thunderflash under a vehicle he was driving - the response was to stop and sit there for a while then when seeing us laughing " Good god sir - I thought I had hit a landmine " ( very unlikely as he was driving across a shit filled cow yard at the time )
    Robert is most likely RIP now - I wish I hade made more time to chat with him - we are the last generation who are lucky enough to be able to speak with people who were in WW2 both fighting and on the Home front - it should be our duty to make the time to chat with them and write down their memorys .... we can ask questions .... when its just written down in a book or on a film it becomes history .
  14. Without diss'ing Dennis. How about Jake Wardrop 5RTR?