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Discussion in 'RAC' started by clanker, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Having lost my Regimental History PowerPoint when external hard drive failed, i need some help is the cap badge for the RTR a Mark IV Mother tank, i seem to remember something along those lines.
  2. S'tank, innit.
  3. Hope this helps Mate
    Tank, Mark V

    The Mark V was the first heavy tank that could be controlled by one man, with the driver operating anepicyclic gear system designed by Major W.G. Wilson. A specially designed Ricardo engine of 150hp was used and proved reliable in service. The radiator however, was inside the tank and ventilation proved less effective than in earlier models.

    In 1918, 200 Female (machine guns) and 200 Male (canon) Mark Vs were produced. The first battle in which they took part was at Flers - Courcelette.
  4. The Mk V had two cupolas, the rear one being 6" higher than the drivers, In fact looking at the engineering drawings it does not really look like any of the Mk's but an artists impression of a MkIV , and before you all go off I'm useing the book "Devil's Chariots " as my referance, as it has the drawings in the back
  5. Hmm! I think you will find that Flers-Courcelette was the debut of the tank (D Coy), the Mark V was first used at Hamel 4 July 1918.
  6. Artists impression of a Mk IV but without rear steering wheels (IIRC, unlikely, I'm drunk)
  7. Tank Mk V 'Male'................artists impression mind, so not strictly accurate. Horizontal Engine louvres at rear are the give away as the Mk IV didn't have them.

    Oh yes..............trailing wheels were effectively scrapped after Mk I - 'Mother'.....................proved to be as they looked.......about as much use as tits on a flatfish!!