Hanham dont stand a chance ,full of old ladies and gippers,my lot are all trained killers,they hate losing and end up nearly killing each other in practice games, only just got ur pm about checking my pm's,ive not got any to check ??
self propelled pi mongs, a good ideal on paper but in a combat situation not so sure,will they require more choclate ice cream and red ballons than the standard mong? if so how will the RLC cope with the increase in demand,perhaps 5.56 should carry out a full and detailed study into this!!
Xplosiverab said:
yeah but the han lads are trained by incie and doders making them far superior cadets in every sense!!!
even their basics make most cadets in other detachments look pants - i really admire what they r doing up there only hope that one day speedwell will be half as good as hanham. No wonder they won detachment of the year last year, they should get it this year too.

oh and I nominate them for C coy detachment of the decade!

my lads evny them. thats why we do so much drill so we can catch up with them. they r amazing!
You seem to have broken into 'txt spk' all of a sudden, rab. Either youve gone all chav on us or someone with the mental age of 3 is using your account without your knowledge.
Xplosiverab said:
That would be a certain fat b@stard Flash, who seems to have a penchant for disgusting website. I know who it is. Loves chatting up cadets mums on the internet and then trying to limit the damage when said child spreads it. MBGFB, you know who it is.
Lol. I thought youd gone all spazza on us, rab. You didnt see the quickly deleted thread that said someting along the lines of;

Xplosiverab said:
hiya, i m gay. it shouldnt be a problem working with cadets though.
Or something like that. (Honest! It was only up for a few minutes though).

Best you beat the fat twat to within an inch of his life.
There used to be a whole Sqn of RTR cdts in Kent (Invicta Sqn). I dont know if they are still about or changed over to PWRR. I know the Dover Troop changed.


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