RTR Black Overalls

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Mark One, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Unused genuine Army black overalls complete with sleeve mark one tank badge. Label states 'Coveralls, Mens, Black Army Pattern 8405-99-977-3599, Height 190, Chest 100. Suitable for a big guy but legs can always be turned up. £35 posted or picked up West London.
  2. £35???

    Are you on crack?
  3. Thanks for the NSN I will now demand twenty pairs and sell for £25 each. Simples.
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  4. I've got some green one's genuine SAS,SBS,Para Regt used on OPs Iraq Afghan and battle proven on the shop floor. A steal at £34.99.
  5. Does it have the pen holder pockets for the super secret MI6 00 issue poison dart gun that looks like a pen.
  6. Wouldn’t this be better in classified adds?

    Or Ebay!
  7. Or the bin.
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  8. Getting RTR black coveralls is like trying to get hold of rocking horse shit.Even while serving there's a hoohaa trying to get them out of the QM.
  9. Why all the whinging then?
  10. Really? I've got 3 pairs when I was in the REs attached to 2 RTR.
  11. Not whinging - just thought your price is a tad optimistic to say the least.

    1. after 20 secs searching I found a pair, spankers, for £11.50
    2. you can get them through the system for free :)
  12. Point taken. In my ( long gone by time) we handed in our Blacks after ceremonials and reverted to denims but accept times appear to have changed.
  13. Bang em on ebay as SF/Para/SAS/Commando Coveralls and up the price a bit! :)
  14. Thought they were RTR works dress?
  15. Would appreciate details of web site at £11 50 as I do genuinely want a pair that fit. The pair on offer are far too big for me and it appears I paid over the top for them.