Not specifically a TA question but thought this was probably the best place to post this...

Have been called up as a regular reservist to deploy to Iraq in November (must be short of search trained wedgies or something). Just wondered if anyone can let me know what the score with the RTMC is? Presume it's BPFA, CFT, ATD's etc etc?

Cheers in advance for any pointers :D


RTMC will last 24 hours. Pay, Medical, Stores, Welfare. That's you, Then off to holding unit for pre-deploy trg.
Can be up to two weeks DS depending on when u last put something green on Range package a day J1 to J4 takes a day ITD's another day. Just been there on a visit some were there for the whole two weeks, take a large sense of humour, pubs out the back gate are okay though :)
Take anything you might possibly need, including civvies. If you have surplus kit to requirements you have the option to leave it in an MFO box at RTMC. Depends on who you're going with. We had 24hrs at RTMC, 1 week at Grantham, 1 week at unit, 2 weeks pre-deployment leave and then flew out.


Although I've never been deployed through the RTMC, I did get temporarily posted into the Med Centre there. The camp's one of the better ones I've seen in my Army career! The food's ok and the accomodation isn't too bad either, although it was 4 man rooms - but that's not really too much of a worry if you're not there for long. On the subject of going out, the local pubs are quite lively and you'll have a really good time if you venture into Nottingham. I enjoyed going there a lot!

Sorry if that's not much help, but thought I'd post just in case..! :)
squirt said:
On the subject of going out, the local pubs are quite lively
The local pubs are brilliant. Pop down into Long Eaton, Minskys is an excellent night club and Chalkies really friendly lively pub. The locals love squaddies, the women are all up for it.

In fact go around Long Eaton in number 2's the locals will be around u in minutes.

p.s. the local dialect for 'your a great lad' is I'm gonna kick you f'ing all over the place me duck
polar said:
Pop down into Long Eaton, Minskys is an excellent night club
.. to practice milling...

Nottingham itself is a seriously good night out though
It's changed a lot recently as the demand for getting you to the front line has eased off. Now instead of a fast processing through Chillwell then on to Grantham, it's all done through chillwell, I know I'm still there, off to parts foreign this weekend. The range package is at Beckingham for 1 to 2 days depending how many of you go through and how bad you are.
Take averything you think you might need, as said before you can stick what you don't need in an MFO box. Depending what unit you're going to you will either leave everything green behind or take maybe a weeks worth with you to wear till your unit goes out to theatre. We are all going via Germany but half of us arent taking anything green.

I was expecting some time off but only got two days, and then only because the dates for the move got changed, prepare for the worst, don't expect any leave, then if you get some it's a bonus.

There's a lot to do and there doesn't seem time to do it but there is plenty of time off in the evenings so make the most of it, I recommend Long Eaton. :wink:
Long Eaton is good. What's the name of the pub down a street on the right in town centre, red or blue something (not parrot). Has DJ, dance floor, happy hour and some nice birds. When we went down they offered six free pints to the first bloke on dance floor with all their kit off. Two 8O of our blokes were there in a flash. Then a while later birds were offered six pints for getting Bra off on dance floor. There were a few who did. :D Should've been all their kit though. :cry:
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