Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Typsey, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Typsey

    Typsey Swinger

    Can you park a car at Chilwell for the duration of RTMC? Am moving straight afterwards to OPTAG so would be nice to know otherwise transport is going to be a right feck around.

  2. hullboy

    hullboy Old-Salt

    NO you are not allowed to take a car, as you may find your sent straight to optag without a break. most ds staff will try knock you off for the weekend as they too do not want to work the weekend. However it is CO's policy that anyone attending RTMC (except to demob) is to take a car. you could find you have a 2 week gap between your mobilisation/ITD's or finish on fri and go straight to lidd/sennelager.
  3. Typsey

    Typsey Swinger

    Are you from Hull by any chance Hullboy?
  4. ITD's FFS.
  5. dingerr

    dingerr LE

    You could always take your car and park it in Tesco's car park across the road.