RTMC- What if you fail MATTS?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stab_spr, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question to all you guys who have been through RTMC (Chilwell), what happens if you are unable to pass a MATT whilst there... My fitness is not as good as needs to be and even though am working hard at it ( left work to devote time etc) Iam due for mobilisation in jan with an infantryt reg?
  2. I'd be very surprised if you failed MATTs. Secondly, your new unit can take you on strength "at risk" if you fail your BFA/T but if you fail the 8 mile CFT, then I believe your fooked.
  3. RTMC will be the least of your worries if you can't pass a PFT/CFT and you are joining a regular Infatry Battalion as a stab. Just keep at it with your fitness and go easy on the christmas pudding.
  4. Receiving unit can accept you as a training risk - once you have been accepted into service after G1-4, the Army keeps you. If you fail the PFT you first of all should be ashamed of yourself and secondly you should be given the opportunity to re-take with 7 days. If you fail that you're on remedial PT for 3 months and if you can't pass it at the end of that your discharged from both the regulars and the TA. These rules now apply to the TA as well - bout bloody time.

    And it's not yet an 8 mile CFT at Chilwell. Still 4, goes to 6 in April, and 8 in April 2008. Disgraceful in my humble opinion, we should all be doing 8 milers now.
  5. Good God just grit your teeth and run fcuking faster, you would in real situation, just pretend the Russians are coming like we used to do all those years ago...
  6. Guys were failing both the PFT and CFT in August and were taken on as at Risk, most have since passed and are now in the sandpit.....
  7. Just goes to show you what a load of b******s it all really is....
  8. i have returned from the sandpit in the last few days and have to say we had to carry a number of guys throughout the tour who just werent fit enough.

    result was the guys who could cut it had to work that much harder. we also had to send quite a few home who just couldnt take the strain out there but it took time and effort to do so. in the mean time it was their muckers who had to take up the slack.

    physical tests are there for a reason and if you fail them you shouldnt be put in a situation in which fitness is a necessity.
  9. Agreed, hear hear, I concur
  10. Good to know all this is coming in. When I mobbed for Afghanistan a couple of years ago, I walked the BFT (too p*ssed even to jog) in 15 mins or so. I was still sent to my infantry unit!

    Just stick with the fitness and you should be fine.
  11. It is now 4th Dec 07. If you cannot achieve a passing standard for PFT/CFT between now and a January mob date than I suggest that you are seriously incapable of successfully mobilizing, especially with an infantry battalion.

    Put the hours in!
  12. Cuddles - I seem to have missed a year. Has there been a shift in the time space thingy or have I really mobilised, been on ops, returned home to tea and medals and now back at work? If so, I'm booking myself into Selley Park later today....or is that yesterday....or tomorrow...

  13. Your recieving unit may take you if you haven't passed the CFT but prepare to be beasted to fook during you build up training.

    Put the miles under your boots now, it'll save you a lot of time and pain later. Trust me.
  14. Well done TC, you spotted my deliberate mistake there. Erm...take the rest of this thread off to prepare your kit for the 100 or so extras that are mysteriously heading your way!
  15. Erm Cuddles..sorry to disappoint but I'll be the one dishing out the extras as I get to sit behind the desk whilst others stand. Carry on please.