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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chilipepper, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Having volunteered for an Op Tour, I then did all my MATTs level 1 'in house' with my Regiment, and now only have to do a 2 day Med/Admin package at Chilwell. Is this the way forward then? Any others not doing the 2 weeks RTMC because you've done all your training with your Parent Unit?
  2. It's the way that the Med units have deployed since at least 2007 when I went, all bar the weapon handling test and PFA. Everything else was done in unit.
  3. Would be surprised at this if true, my understanding is EVERYONE does the full Matt's level 1 package, just finished at RTMC and we had medics etc for full 2 weeks there was a lot of of them.

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  4. Mob course is 2 weeks, 1 week if its a co hort. The 1/2 day mob are just for individuals who come back and do the 2 weeks later on.
  5. Surely the majority will have done MATTS at level 1 with their unit prior to reporting to RTMC? Isn't that part of the unit's responsibility to esnure you are capable and competent?
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  6. From the whisperings I hear in Chilwell it's just as well these skills are 'proven'.

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  7. Chillwell is dog shit and I doubt that will ever change but it's the lesser of two evils. How many fat knackers would mobilise if it where down to sub units ticking them off.

    Fat ****: "I want to go on tour."
    Crap PSI: "But you've failed your last two AFT's and I don't trust you with a spud gun."
    FC: "But I really want to go. All my mates are taking the piss as I've only got a Jubilee medal."
    CP: "Well, that's your own fault for carving out a career as an enabler."
    FC: "Tell you what, get me signed off on my MATTs and I'll use my skills as a painter and decorator to refurb your gaff."
    CP: "Done. Get me genuine >insert shithole here< local carpet."

    Don't tell me doesn't happen....
  8. The PSI can and has been over ridden before by the reserves chain of command. If PSIs had their way, many reserve units would look very different. Until regular units have a direct impact on reserve units, there will always be situations where military discipline is ignored when it doesnt suit
  9. There are good and bad PSI's and I've had experience at both ends of the spectrum. I don't think regular influence on the TA will have any significant effect. The regular unit I've just demobbed from had just as many MATTs problems as your average TA unit (is: Still running lads through AFT/PFT 7 days before we flew.) I personally think until the TA has a serious shake up and sets a standard in stone that there is no way around then people of all ranks will find loopholes. But then if we actually stuck to guidlines set how will we reach this 30,000 target that some stupid **** has decided on. The TA is about to change, but not for the better.
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  10. Well we're still going Chilwell for 2 days, and then afterwards a weekend with the TA regiment to ensure all our MATTs are up to date!?!?

  11. Lucky you! You'll be know as a half stab!
  12. But what will STAB's get called when the TA gets changed to the Army Reserve????

  13. Arrses....
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