RTMC Rehabilitation let down

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. I am currently p7 and have completed 2 three week long physiotherapy courses at Chilwell, I am due on my third course next week. I have a huge feeling that this will be my last course with them, i wanted to leave that shithole of a place at least p3. But they are getting funny about soldiers constantly on courses when after a while they get rid of them anyway and hand them over to the nhs and demob them.

    My problem is, how do I get upgraded by the army if they get rid of me with a p7 grading, after what I have been through I think i deserve to be kept in untill I get upgraded. I have shown great progress, I am tempted to break into a jog here and there but orthapedic surgeons have said I cant attempt road running till august. Chilwells problem is they have a limit to 4 courses max, even if i did a fourth course the last week of it will only start going into the august month.

    It makes me angry when alot of the courses run I have been doing rehab with people who have injuried themselves on OP TOSCA by bike riding ect. When i have a combat injury from HERRICK.

    I feel physio department and the chain of command have a shit prioierty list or just trying to get bums on seats to justify their department.

    ONE ARMY...............is it ****!

    Tips or advice.

    Sorry about spelling mistakes ect.
  2. Try approaching the issue from another perspective. Put the military to one side. You have a duty to yourself to get yourself properly sorted out physically for whatever time it takes, this August, next August, whatever it takes.

    Take charge of yourself and stop whining at systems. You can jog, just not on hard surfaces. Get your arse down to a sports shop, buy a flotation waist jacket and get treading water up and down your local pool. Discuss with your physio what you can be getting on with. Write the advice down. Stop wittering about it on the internet.

    Shake yourself out of this 'hard done by' syndrome, then get working.
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  3. i keep fit in my own time, when i go home on leave between courses ect. i was really fit before. What i am saying is how do I get upgraded by the army when i return to my TA unit when i discharge at P7.

    Also the system and duty of care is shit. Why don't you Go Volunteer yourself as a TA soldier on tour, get shot at, go get injuried, come back and tell me about the system which you were told was equal to regular soldiers when you mobilised. It is not, a few general unspecific injury courses, not local to your parent unit, then shove them into civil street still injuried.

    I want to soldier on, go on tour again. I don't want to put the military aside.
  4. You may want to reconsider what you have suggested there mate, Alec has been around a bit.
  5. is he a TA soldier? Was he injuried as a TA soldier? Did he go through chilwell and their rehabilitation? If not there's nothing to reconsider.
  6. Okaaayyy.
  7. Bearing in mind you haven't said how you were injured or what your injuries are, have you had a brief from RTMC or your unit on your eligibility to claim through the Reserve Forces Compensation Scheme?

    Sad as it sounds but being released by RTMC as P7 should spark your unit into the PAP 10 process which will lead to your being discharged from the TA if you cannot get upgraded.

    You really should be asking your unit the what if questions so you know where you are.
  8. Right, thanks for the reply, will go in on a drill night and ask, hopefully im not getting the wool pulled over my eyes as I want to soldier on. IED blast in afghanistan fractured my heel in 6 places, but bone has healed completly, just a bit of soft tissue damge and achillies tendon has taken much longer to heal. Did have shrapnel wounds but they have healed and only minor scarring left, no pain.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    That is about as good a result as you could have expected from that type of injury, so you have been very lucky indeed! That said, soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal, and often require physio and rehab over extended periods of time.

    As you know, I am no fan of the medical system at RTMC (or RTMC in general!), but I think in this case that it is not unreasonable for them to look to discharge you prior to upgrading. You have no automatic right to be kept on just because you are P7, as you may be P7 for some time yet. You unit will arrange medical review boards as required throughout your recovery process. Start dealing with your ROSO or RMO and get them working on your case for you.
  10. Thank you, awesome reply as usual. Going in tonight to see what can be done for the future. I have accepted how lucky I am considering my other mates have life changing injuries, but after 5 months on constant physio you forget and want to jump right back into were you left off. But I understand I could be p7 for a while, what's the criteria for upgrading, passing a pfa ect?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Upgrading criteria are well outside of my experience, being one of the black arts practiced by the medical services. While you are biffed, do not put any undue pressure on yourself to race to full recovery - think about getting better for the rest of your life, not the next PFA.
  12. Hope you get fully recovered soon.

    Do you have letters after the P7 e.g. P7R? It's been a while since I looked at PULHHEEMS (admin) rules but if I remember rightly the letters afterwards matter.
  13. Yeah i don't regret it, got 4 months in on a pretty grim tour for us. However I do know some people who are in the process of taking the MOD to court from help of the Royal British Legion for negligence. They are all TA soldiers that deployed to HERRICK. I had professionals blue In the face trying to get my on headly court and other rehab facilities but RTMC did not budge.

    I Hope something gets sorted because I really feel sorry for the guys who are keen to crack on but be knocked down slowly by RTMC. Its happened to many I have spoke to. No matter what they say at mobilisation, your care if injuried is not equal to a regular soldier.

    You will be far away from home, unlike a reg, have the most general course for rehabilitation, unlike a reg, and know at anytime they can get rid if you as you have a time limit there, unlike a reg.
  14. You sound like one hell of a lucky bloke!

    Best wishes mate
  15. Interesting, I distinctly remember being told on more than one occasion by more than once source that you were kept mobilized until you were better.