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RTMC Chilwell

I am due to atttend RTMC Chilwell in May fro pre deployment training. I have been alocated the 2 week slot the 4th to 15th May.

My sister's wedding is on the middle weekend 9th/10th - will I be able to get leave from the Friday night until the Sunday night? Or is the course the full way through the weekend?

Last summer we got the middle weekend off. Have to pay for your own transport though.

Give RTMC a call and check.
From my own experience of 6 mobilsations at the RTMC, you stand a good chance of getting that weekend off. It seems to depend on everybody passing their APWT on the Friday and if the Captain and C/Sgt running the Mob is on duty officer that weekend!
I was there in November, We got the middle weekend off to do what we pleased. Aslong as you are back for the start of the day on the Monday they are happy for you to go home. Or stay on camp.

I chose to go home, but they did not pay for me to travel back and forth, although they did issue me with a Travel Card for £15.
Anyone know what happened to the chilwell web site? It says go to Armynet, but that link is broken too.

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