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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by super_stab69, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Roomer control have said that you get £400 at Chilwell, is that true? (i guess as compensation for being thick enough to actually volunteer for something).

    Also is there a pay parade when your there or is it just into the account?

    cheers for the help.

    (and no i couldn't find anyone at my unit who could give me a satisfactory answer)
  2. Yep £473 if accepted for mobilisation and an advance of up to £200.
  3. Thats want you want to here (though its just after hearing "so Pte X, do you have anything on for the next 6 months? Nar thats not important, how do you feel about.....")
  4. so you now have to be accepted into mobilisation to get the gratuity payment then? before you got it if you turned up at chilwell
  5. Aye. Sucks eh?
  6. damn there goes my plan to fund a trip to amsterdam on a stag weekend in the new year then
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I mobilised in march 05, and had to pass mobilisation to get the gratuity.
  8. Nope . You just have to be called out and turn up at Chilwell to get it. When I was there (2003, yes I know things could have changed) a bloke turned up with his arm in plaster and recieved the call out gratuity
  9. msr

    msr LE

    You have to pass the medical and be signed on before you get it now...

    There was an amusing story about a lass who was mobilised for an early TELIC. She phoned up and said that she was 8 months pregnant.

    "No worries" says my mate, "the Doctor will meet you at the gate." (She lived about 20 mins drive away from Chilwell)

    Turns up, signs in, medically discharged on the spot and trousers £420 ;)

  10. I was at Chilwell last August and we got the money only when accepted into service. Not sure what they were giving as an advance...
  11. Do you get accepted into service after the medical or after the bounty tests?
  12. on the same subject I have only been there as a mobilised soldier, and was offered the gratuity as part of the merry go round admin day, first time there was a pay parade, second it dropped in the bank 2 days later, however I have been accepted for FTRS, is there any drinking tokens offered to FTRS commited soldiers on pitching up????????
  13. 'Fraid not mucka. Just have to endure the 2 week stint there drinking yourself into a mess every night. Left there with £400 hole in the wallet, lots of sore heads and a chick that wont stop texting me.

  14. is she by chance the barmaid from the blue bell? as that fat one with the big tits and the cross dressing dad followed, by ,call text internet et all ,one of our dudes for weeks.
    Also had a bunny boiler from there follow me to warcop on our continuation training, no mean feat from Notts as she didnt drive so trains planes and automobiles, all to pay for the room and bring me a sandwich she made from home, trust me that scared the shite out of me.
    thanks for the info H-S