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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by superred21a, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. I have spent nearly 9 years in the TA and have been on Op Telic and am looking to volunteer for Herrick this year or next. l have read a thread on here saying that Chilwell now look at your civvie med docs and now have doubts that i would be accepted into service again at Chilwell as i have previously suffered with depression and been perscribed tablets not PTSD . With them now looking at my civvie med docs would they reject
    me ?
  2. When was your last TA Medical - did it go OK? Have all your civvy med details been transferred across?

    Once you have gone through the tests with the med staff and the probing by the MO your docs and history will be sifted through with a fine tooth-comb. (I was downgraded to P7 for not having a blood test done.)

    It's bloody annoying but I suppose it's best for all concerned in the bigger picture. Don't want anyone flaking on tour or going on a bendy headed killing spree.

    Have a chat with your civvy quack first then see if you can get a MO to check there won't be any dramas at RTMC.
  3. the short answer, as far as i'm aware is that they dont look at civvy records, never have with me anyhow. I dont know where you are with your illness but you need to be certain that you are doing the correct thing.

    edited to add; if i remember correctly you will be signing a piece of paper to the effect that you havent suffered from a whole variety of ailments etc. It may be a bit of a bitch from your point of view but it is there to protect everyone. Heat, tiredness, pressure, depression and guns are not a good combo.
    Then again if your are going to be working in a rear location you may be aright.
  4. You do have to fill out a yay or nay form that covers everything from depression to depravity. If you've been treated for something and it's on your civ meds bung it down - it could well bite you on the arrse if you don't.

    There may well be things on your civ med docs that you are unaware of or have forgot, have a chat with your civ quack before you go - I believe there is a form for inoculations you have to get filled out first, might be worth getting a letter saying you are fully recovered from any previous problems before you go to RTMC.
  5. CC-TA,

    When did the MO expect you to have had a blood test done? On the previous TA medical?

    You dont usually get blood test's done in civvy street by the GP's unless there is an obvious problem or you ask for one, surely?

    I had a blood test and the usual pre-release full med check on my release from the army 2 years ago, moved overseas and have never been in a medical facility in those 2 years - I would have to pay private anyway , so have not had the need to go 'sick'.

    Im due for a Chillwell pre-med and hope my printed-off army medical notes given to me at the time of my discharge med will suffice at the MO's in Chillwell. Do you think that will cause a problem? (I have no obvious medical concerns that have developed in the last 2 years).

  7. I was told I had passed my medical, went to sign my contract, which wasn't there. :) I was then told to return to the Med centre where I was told that there was a letter in my med docs that said I needed a blood test - I was asked why I hadn't got it sorted. (The fact I don't have X-ray vision or access to my Med docs wasn't good enough!) :) So with a trip to my doctor who sent the results to RTMC I thought all would be OK, nope. (I received a call from MCM Glasgow asking why I wasn't at my FTRS unit Monday morning - I explained I failed my medical, but they were told I had passed.) :p
    Had to drive back a week later so RTMC could take some blood. (I'm not sure how much blood tests change in a week.) Passed, down graded, arrived at unit and here we are. (I've had more blood tests since and there's still nothing wrong so hopefully upgraded soon.)
  8. I havent seen my unit MO for years, I am trying to get my PSI to get Him/Her in so my army docs are up to date before i go to Chilwell. I am seeing my civvie doc later this month so I'll discuss it with her, I feel fine now no dramas at all. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Good luck Mog - let us know how you get on!
  10. Thanks I will.
  11. Mog - How did you get on mate? I presume the tour went OK. Any dramas at RTMC when you went through. Drop me a PM if rather not post course of action. Cheers.