RTMC/ APC, Need Details

Ok report for mob at RTMC very soon. I am 99% sure I wont deploy for a few months ,but I have no idea if I am gonna go to RTMC do me 2 weeks and come home on leave or go to chilwel and not come home for 6 months. All they say is turn up with a load of kit that I wont be taking to theatre. So I think do I take all me kit for 2-3 months buildup (Build up?? optag? Batt training?? )and Tour Kit? WTF???
2 options:

1) Get on the phone to Chillwell/the unit your going with and find out,
2) Take all the kit you will need. Chillwell provide a storage facility for kit you don't wan't to take to theatre.

I just come out of chilwell on satuday after two weeks training, am now in germany on optag.
bring plenty of civves cos you will spend every night on the piss, you get loads of gucci kit issued at rtmc.
bring your greens, webbing gortex and resi, depending on which unit you are going to you could going back to the uk after optag (like me= or if your unit is posted in germany then your here for a few months before deploying to theatre. u will get the chance to take kit home if you pass your APWt because your get the re shoot day off.
you have a massive tescos opposite if you need anything non military (civves)
if your lucky you may even get the first weekend off, after our course was validated and that was one of the points that came out of the results.
long eaton is a 3 mile walk from came, and creedos is a wicked night out
and theres a strip club there.
nottingham is close aswell and would recommend
cornmill is a 1 mile walk and is good---quiz nights and they do snake bite blacks!

good luck...im coming back to chilwell next week as im posted with 170 stre

cheers bart

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