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Can someone tell me how to set up a blog on the cheap - i.e. for free? And how to get it noticed by search engines like google and dogpile until i become so awesomely powerful that fucktards bend their knees to me as I walk down the road to Unwins?

Yes, i know I'm lazy, but if I post this now then in a couple of hours I will be phys'ed and at home and able to sit in front of my computer and can set one up.
B&Q are the best bet mate, cheap and reliable you can pick a brand spanking bog up for 59 English pounds.

In lack of finding a suitable blog site that is tramp fetish related why not try blogger.com?


blogger.com is quite good and easy to use. or theres livejournal.com
if you type 'free blog' into google about 50 sites come up...
Er, pardon my ignorance on the subject (or lack of anything remotely amusing to add), but WTF is a Blog :?
BLOG = Bulldogs, llamas, otters and Guinea fowl.... If you aren't one you ain't gettign in.
blogger.com. If you are below speed with doing your own template (no need - there are plenty off the shelf) come back to me and I'll put you in touch with a good designer.
blogspot/blogger vs livejournal... reminds me of the arguments about which was better, betamax or VHS.


BFG 9000 has stepped in like Q off of James Bond and sorted me out. What a bloke - thanks mate.

If only he were a little bespectacled brunette woman with long hair and a pocket full of pens, leaning over me and pointing out how to hack into TorrentSpy. All musky and innocent. Grrr
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