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Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by Frank Serpico, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. What was the title of the RTE documentary on back in the early 2000 about Irishmen joining the British army. It was an excelent documentary but for the life of me I`ve forgotten the name of it.
  2. A quick google reveals a documentary by the Nationwide programme, doesn't state the exact name of the documentary though, seemed to have caused a bit of a stir at the time.
  3. Nah mate, seen that documentary as well but that is not it. That one was relatively recent.
  4. True Lives: A Soldiers Trilogy.

    All I need now is a link

  5. Called "All the Queen's Men" and included an interview with LCpl Ian Malone from Crumlin (Dublin) who was killed in Iraq
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  6. Thank you for posting that. I've not seen it before. Seriously emotional in bits.

    Any information on the version of the tune at the beginning and end of this documentary ? I think it's the 'Saxon Shilling' but I've not heard this version before.
  7. Glad you enjoyed as much as I did. Yeah its the Saxons Shilling, it`s either the Dubliners and or the late great Luke Kelly.
  8. An old thread, I know, but can anybody give me an active link to this show
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  9. Cheers Frank, great video
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  10. Anyone have the link for "all the queens men"? Cant seem to find the fecker anywhere
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