Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. How's it going?

    Are you a trainer/DS and if so, what do you think of it so far?

    Are you a recruit/TAPO and if so, how was your training experience.

    Are RTCs being asked to do too much?

    Are RTCs properly resourced

    Where does Recruit Selection fit in to all of this? - is your RTC doing RS yet?

    Can they survive if they are not properly resourced?

    Is 51 Bdes RTC really any good (they say it is but what do the customers think?)

  2. Not biting(?) yet, but will do later
  3. I thought you might but the issue is that a number of Regional Brigades have set these up and are they any good? 42? 15? 160? anyone biting out there?
  4. Its bollox at our local one. As an occasional visiting instructor having to do fire piquet after instructing all day, then having to sign disclaimers that you will not get drunk on your evening off or swear - it sort of takes the p*ss. Also instructors have to be aware of anonymous complaints may of which have no merit but fully are investigated by the CoC.
    Oh and constantly running out of food in the cookhouse, no heating/hot water in the past. The list goes on....
  5. I think the large non-compliance is due to the very high possibility of getting pinged by sharing your, ahem, "views".
  6. Are you looking to be posted to one, or looking for guys to drop themselves in the Poo Pile :confused:

    On the other hand, maybe you are a person who can change how things are done. I can't be bothered to go through your old posts, so tell us your motives. Mind you if you had looked through previous threads on the subject, you should get most of the info you require there. :frustrated:

    FF, Go on mate Bite. you know you wanna. :pissedoff:

    Yes since you asked 51 Ph1 Are feckin amazing :threaten:

  7. I thought that all Bdes had RTCs, just that the Phase 1 side of things was new.

    I'm therefore assuming(dangerous I know) that it's Phase 1 you're refering to, with the occassional foray into RTCs in general.

    I can only speak from our RTC.

    Are they being asked to do to much?

    We have a Spec training wing (train the trainer), an officer training wing( overseen by RMAS), a phase 1 recruit training wing, an up and coming CLM wing (MSR!) & talks of the recruit selection/TAFS 1 starting up in April, too much, nah!

    Properly resourced, maybe the STW is, after all they've been there the longest & had to move from a purpose refurbished building, i.e. permenant classrooms, store/office per cell to another purpose refurbished building, while thr OTW & RTW are working out of a big 'koff hanger & have no set classrooms, so no, I don't think they are.

    We, the RTW, are still under manned, we regrouped into teams, kinda works, if there were more people per team, a f'rinstance, w/e just gone three instructors to 44 recruits.

    Can they survive, yes, probably, given the make do attitude of all involved.

    As to 51(Scottish)Bde being better, again from RTW perspective, we've been at it for upwards of six years, so we've had more exprience, better, can't say nothing to gauge against, any ATR staff available to comment?

    And breath.....
  8. Personally, I think recruit selection should stay with the regiments. Gives you an immediate insight into the environment and the people you'll be working with.
  9. What we've been talking about is that the units recruit as per normal, in tests medicals etc, with some of the TAFS 1 being taught in unit e.g. Regimental history, with the generic stuff, badges of rank etc, being taught on the second day of the w/e.

    This should still keep the recruit in his/her unit environment as it should only be a single w/e.
  10. 143 Bde have an RTC and although the set up all seemed a bit rushed, and there were some "Teething Problems" with the initial numbers that we needed to get through the system.

    This left us running TAFs at unit level and sending instructors to the RTC, which wasn't much fun for the staff.

    Initial reports seem to support that the RTC is providing a good service and that the Soldiers are enjoying it. The worrying part of it all is the lack of staffing. I can not quite understand why we would be forced down the road of opening a RTC and then forever scrabble around for staff to provide the service.

    Its all a bit cart before horse don't you think.

    I am also more than a little uneasy about the sugestion that selection be carried out at RTC.

    We as TA Soldiers can aford to take a longer view about who will or will not make a good soldier.

    The regular army want a guy or girl that they can transform, with the aid of a nearby phone box, from a fat lazy civvy into a finely honed fighting soldier in twelve short weeks.

    Where as we can look at a soldier and think "Yes in the two years I have to train you I can make a soldier out of you" so we can be as little more forgiving in our selection of our recruits.

    If they are sent to an RTC the centre will by its very nature be more selective, now you may arue that this is a good thing and that we need more quality and less quantity. But are we in danger of selecting out some guys and gals who would have made perfectly good soldiers given some time and a bit of TLC.

    Who Knows, I guess only time will tell.

  11. from my experiance so far- recruit selection should be done by regulars- 99% of TA(so called) instructors are so out of date it's a complete waste of time for potential recruits!!!
    RTC's haven't got enough instructors that are current in training!!
  12. It seems the ultimate aim for TA recruiting is to make it as 'regular' as possible. This means that before to long Joe Crow will apply to join the TA/RMR/RNR/RAFR via his local AFCIO. All will attend 'selection' at a Regional Centre (Seems their are plans in the pipeline for tri service centres) then be processed through the system dependent on the arm or service will depend on the length of course etc and in theory at least the head shed seem to believe it will result less wastage as recruits will be able to have a wider under standing of the options open to them and make an informed choice rather than the closest unit.

    I can hear the cry of it will never work, Bo**ox etc but things change and the head shed never has understood the 'Territorial' bit of the TA. The Army Reserve seems to be fast approaching and BCR's for all capbadges seem to be what the head shed are recruiting for.

    Rusty's comments on Staff seem to apply to most RTC's. Some are better staffed than others, however until reserve postings and promotions are looked after by the MCM Div's units will not give up it's instructors to what they view as a 'Dead End'
  13. 15 Bde RTC personnel are not meant to even look at this site, never mind contribute to it. So I couldn't even begin to comment.
  14. Errr why? And how does any think they’re going to enforce that?
  15. A bit of confusion between recruit selection and recruit training methinks. However the point stands, many TA instructors are out of date and lack practice in certain fields - having said that not every regular instructor is perfect!

    Selection and initial training is well placed at units, it gives units and recruits the chance to look at one another and decide if it's worth putting the effort in on both sides.

    Recruit training needs to be centralised to a point where a critical mass of recruits and instructors can be brought together of a weekend to achieve the required training in the best and most efficient way possible. The solution identified by the great and good is the RTC. Worse for some units who were coping well because of their geographic footprint, better for those spread to the four winds.