RTC training program.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. Who is responsible for putting together the phase 1 package/guidelines for the TA? Does it come from within the TA or does it come from the regs?
  2. ITG which is part of the ARTD.....Initial Training Group, Army Recruiting and Training Division......Regs, not that it makes a difference, why the question?
  3. Its actually put together by a a machine very similar to the National Lottery, where random ideas, time scales and correct training name for the soldiers are put in and then every so often a change happens :)
  4. Just had recent dealings with it and wasn't overly impressed. I done mine (Inf) in house in 2007 and the differences seem huge. I just wondered where the training ideas came from and why they feel the need to mix Inf with CSS for phase 1.
  5. Stop giving away trade secrets you!

    Why duplicate effort, TSC(A) is the same for everybody.
  6. Depends who you did it with but yes it is.

    The simple answer is becasue thats what everyone is being told must happen end of.

    Welcome to the world of Initial Training and Common Military Sillybus :)