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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by caulkhead, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. My son has his 6 weekends coming up and then he's doing his 2 weeks. When does he pass out from this and can families attend? Is it on the Friday or Saturday of the last week??
  2. Yes families can attend, yes it's on the Friday or yes it's on the Saturday?????
  3. I did my part C at Grantham and the pass out was on the Friday morning at about 11.15hrs.
  4. Thank you, his is at Aldershot. I'm actually supposed to be doing the 3 Peaks that weekend but if it's the Friday morning then I stand a chance of getting to Scotland in time - if it's the Saturday then I am not gong to be able to go to his pass out and I will be gutted.
  5. Just a warning, some units have very low key quick pass out muster parades, and no family would be invited down if they did they'd be there for 5 minutes and it would all be over.

    Some units may make a song and dance but mine didn't for Phase 1 and Catterick didn't bother either. It's TA not regular passing out so a big difference.
    I'd rather you were warned than suprised and disappointed.
  6. Yeah, when I passed phase one It wasn't a passout at all - Just a muster parade at the end where the words
    "also, all these guys have passed phase one now" were said after numerous other items.

    So, try ringing them up and double checking if it would be worth going down.
  7. When we did ours at Grantham it was a full passing out parade. There was a band and we marched onto the square behind it with all the famalies watching. There where officers and SNCO's from all the units there and then a Major General arrived to review us. A few words where said, awards for best shot, best section and Champion soldier given out and then the padre said a few words. We marched off the square and the famalies went onto the Naffi/ canteen where a do was laid on and we met them there.
    The RSM said you only have one passing out parade so make the most of it (and don't bugger it up!).
  8. If he'a at Aldershot on the weekend then that means he is completing 1A&B when there is no pass out parade as such - what the guys have been talking about above is the pass out parade from 1C which is the 2 week camp that he does next
  9. Look its TA, why bother! If you want to to get gran, mam and sister there. tell him to join the regs.

    Love Bruce,
    a proud TA Soldier!
  10. It is after his two weeks so maybe a pass out, maybe not.
    As it stands I won't be able to make it as I'm organising something else (TA) that weekend but his father and uncle want to be there for him if it's open to families.
    I hope that after that amount of hard work he does have some sort of pass out as I think it's well deserved. Managing 6 training weekends and two weeks as well as holding down a civvie job deserves some kind of recognition and I'm all for the 'full on' ceremony for these lads passing out into the British Army (TA or regular).
  11. You can always do the peaks next year but you cannot watch him pass out a year later, where is your loyalty on top of the peak or with your lad, I wonder what you chose :?
  12. Pleased to hear there is a decent pass out at Grantham.

    Have mine coming up soon, would like to take my Dad there, Ex-Reg Infantry, even at my ripe old age!!
  13. aahh!! isnt that lovely, go for it matey
  14. I was officially on the first pass out from the RT weekends at Aldershot that DIDN'T have a big song and dance! Was well gutted (especially as it was my Rct Tp Sgt who complained about them and got them removed!), prior to us they used the big chateau down the road and had a bit of a garden party along with the pass out parade... being the summer months it was fantastic. I was well peeved not to get such treatment!

    Then of course at CIC they kindly informed us we were infantry soldiers and didn't need mummy and daddy there to help us through a parade. As simple as that really from them.

    So you may find that Aldershot don't do families and all that.