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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by flexor, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Detachment to RTC Aldershot as PTI....

    Welcome any comments you have about detachment to RTC. I've had many advantages explained, courses and qualifications being a few of them.

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Great name for a Gym Queen!
  3. RTC SE is ( sorry Boxy) probably the best RTC in terms of passes at CIC / Special to Arms training. Its most certainly the biggest, with up to 200 SuTs on weekends. You'll be very busy there, and not just polishing mirrors / pointing to the gym.

    You'll find your skills as JNCO being developed very quickly, as well, given the workload / throughput.

    Do it.
  4. No worries, we're the best in Scotland.......we just couldn't deal with 200 SuT at once which is why SC11 is going to be amusing.

    Life at an RTC is hectic but very rewarding and as BB says you'll develop your teaching and man management skills very quickly. You'll have more responsibility, for your rank, at an RTC than you'd tend to have back at your unit.

    So long as you don't play the "Great I am" you'll get on well.
  5. Only do it if you can play a musical instrument. Bugle is best
  6. That's not a vital skill, one of our PTIs is an accomplished Piper though.
  7. Damn right.

    Resistance Is Futile...

    His top is made out of rubber
    His bottom is made out of springs...

    ( good to see you btw. )
  8. You too.

    If I dont see you

    "Stay low, move fast"

    Good luck.
  9. Cheers guys... 'do it' has been the general response from the majority so far!

    It's on my list of things to do, will need to polish my trumpet in preparation, I can't wait ha
  10. I've done some time there as a guest instructor. Its a good unit, but if you want to now the down side the accomodation is bloody awful, the food terrible (worst example of PAYD I have expereinced) and although every other weekend seems easy it can become like goundhog day, waiting for the weapons to go in on Sunday can take a bloody age so you get away late on alternate weekends.

    These are small almost insignificant downs to what is a pretty good career experience. You get unprecidented access to courses, meet staff from every TA unit from a wode area and the recruits (sorry SUT's) are on the whole a pretty interesting bunch.

    If your interested give it a go.

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  11. Except the RMP.

    Even the Green Slime have a presence now.