RTC attachment

Anyone on here currently spending an “attachment” with an RTC?

I have done some instruction at my local centre but on an adhoc basis and was wondering how things differ if you transfer in for two years?

I’ve already been told that there’d be no parade nights or requirement to do an annual camp, but what would the new requirements be? Would there be a minimum MTD’s? (Not an issue about putting the time in, more a case of flexibility i.e. do four weekends one month and two the next etc).

Also, what happens with personal MATTs? As the time spent is almost 100% aimed at training said crows, do you get time to get signed off to remain qualified?

What happens if you want to attend a weekend with your previous (parent) Unit? For example been invited to instruct/take part in training?
A lot of your questions depend on the Brigade you're looking at but:

MATT's are usually carried out over two 'Staff Training' Weekends. If you miss the range you can usually get the tick in the box by acting as a firer on a CMCQ course. WHT's can be caught up with on just about any weekend as you just get one of the RTC SAA instructors to test you, ditto most of the other MATT tests.

If your previous unit require you, a simple phone call between RSM's or PSAO's should suffice, not only good manners but remember who the paying UIN is.

No Drill nights and no requirement for 15 days training as you'll be doing over double the minimum requirement just on weekends. But you'll still be doing courses DIT(T) etc so expect to do at least a week away during the year.
If Carlsberg did TA weekends, it would probably be at an RTC.
But for job satisfaction......it cant be beaten with a shi**y stick
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