Just been notified I have a cancellation place on RTC 1 starting tomorrow.

Apart from the green stuff (which I am due to get tomorrow!) what else do I need to take?

Any advice tips gratefully received at this late stage.


mate, if you pm me your e-mail address I will send you the joining instructions.
Take ALL of your kit - evrything that you have been issued. Don't listen to your unit staff who will tell you "you won't need that" - you almost certainly will. Make sure your kit fits you and your combat helmet is serviceable Spare shreddies, wash and shave kit; PT kit, bit of cash; civvies in case you are stood down at a reasonable hour.

Make sure you take pen, pencil and a decent notebook. Couple of English pounds, padlock and spare key. Remember that you have two ears and one mouth; thats the correct usuage ratio.

If you don't understand something the DS say, ASK THEM - you will NOT be the only bod that does not understand, I promise.

Take a sense of humour, enjoy. Its the start of a great adventure.
I think BravoBravo has the official line, I have taken everything with me for last few weekends, and 90% of it has never come out of its ziplok bags in my bergen

Take everything for weekend 1, and then make sensible decisions on what to take for every weekend after that, all the weekend syllabus' are available so you can check with them for what you will need (or not need!)

I'd go for

1 set of shirt/trousers (and you'll be wearing another set)
cold/wet weather gear

socks, sport and boot socks
wash and shave kit
boot kit

2/3 changes of PT kit, trainers

civvy outfit

some money

sleeping bag
roll mat

bergen inc side pouches and yoke

Smartly packed this should all go in your bergen - and just relax and enjoy it - theres a lot to do, but weekend 1 is mostly drill, powerpoint and PT, including a PFT
Thanks for the advice guys - picking up my kit at lunchtime, then back to work, then back to the TAC tonight and then onwards to RTC.

I think I have everything covered at the mo - only the PT shorts are an issue I have dark blue but believe I may require black - is this correct?

Maybe need to fit in a trip to the sports shop also today!

Nothing like a last minute rusharound!!!


Here is the official packing list as issued to recruits prior to joing RTC(SE)


You'll have no dramas with dark blue shorts (guys at 4DIV RTC didn't recently).

I'd also suggest that you take everything. Most you won't need, but better that then not having it and looknig like a prize mong.

Top tips from someone who's just come out of it all:

-There's a lot of death by powerpoint, a lot of this you'll need to remember so don't switch off
-Make sure you're always thinking one step ahead - know where you need to be, when you need to be there and with what kit
-Learn your badges of rank and terms of address quickly
-If the hotel you stay in isn't what you expected in terms of quality deal with it
-Get your webbing squared away: if your webbing is all over the place, your drills probably are too
-Listen to the DS; the unpopular ones are generally unpopuar because they actually try to get a grip of recruits rather than just teaching
-You'll be tested on weekend 6 on weapons handling, CBRN, navigation and BCDT. Pay special attention in these classes.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY: It is a long process. Keep your head down and put the effort in and in a few weekends you'll come out the other end with a bit more of idea about what it's all about. Enjoy it if you can, otherwise remember that it's something you need to get through to get to the really fun stuff.

PM me if you've got any specific questions.
Thanks again to all that have offered advice and tips. Appreciated.

Checking the list Toysoldier posted I think I have pretty much everything apart from the passport photos - no one at the unit mentioned these were needed - really going to be pushed to get these done today!!
Oooh, fun. Yeah, photos are essential, or at least were, when I was there last year. Had guys getting bussed to the Photobooth at Tescos because they didn't have any. DS not amused.
I'd do what Bravo_Bravo says and take the lot.

Take everthing on the kitlist, don't listen to wobbler, he's a recruit, therefore he's a lizard and knows fook all.

Over the whole of my infantry training I used everything I was issued apart from gaters and long johns.
Taffitorial said:
London District - Malta Barracks Aldershot I believe.

Can you confirm if photos are essential?


What-ho Taff!

Good weekend eh?

My arms are aching a tad after those bloody decline press-ups!


Certainly was good fun - even drill!

Sitting at work now feeling a little sleepy and aching rather a lot!

Thanks to all who supplied the advice / kit lists - no sarcasm either!!


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