RTA claims the lives of two Canadians in AFG.

Damn, two more. The rollover was in a LAV III, these are the 4th and 5th fatalities in this vehicle while in AFG.


Now the naysayers will be out in force calling for us to bring the troops home, quit using the LAVs and asking why the Navy EODs that we sent over aren't doing their job as well as they should.

Then there will be the marginal groups asking why a CF member born in Egypt had to die for his new country.

Come on Steve Staples, let's hear what you have to say... I wait with baited breath.
I was speaking with an ex-cavalry guy at work today and he says the LAVIII is quite safe and does not have any inherent problems with stability.

I don't understand why Canadian EOD callsigns are being maligned. EOD is a reactive asset, it can only deal with situations that have been called in by other callsigns. EOD does not and cannot sweep the whole AOR day after day.

British forces have the best EOD operators in the world, especially in the form of the RLC and we still get contacted.

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