RT2 TA training this weekend @ Yardly Chase?

Hi all,

I did not know weather to put this into either the "training wing or TA" as it was quite a bit of both I.E: TA troops and training recruits like me!

Anyway I really enjoyed the Training this weekend and so did quite a few of the lads/lady(Joelly, Jolly *Whatever) from C Coy Northampton/Leicester, would like to know if anyone else was there if you met me and some of the others, who's coming on annual camp? I have forgot the dates, as we were asked a few times if we were coming and well you know me "Kit / Mr Bean" forgot as normal! Wonder how "Gas chamber / Mr Bates or was it Master" from Leicester is getting on and if he is still whingeing about that "steel lifting injury that stopped(well he collapsed)" halted his four mile webbing forced march..

Thanks to LCPL N**h (2IC), CPL H (1IC), CPL H***y not forgetting LCPL T*! (don't know the full name of CPL H, even though he is from Northampton TAC like me!)

Good weekend in all even though it did rain a bit, but all in all I loved it :) & cannot wait for annual camp so I can complete the whole training in full!
Anyway hope you all enjoyed it and I guess I will see some of you again soon :)

**Jolly/Joelly promised myself and Stirling a bath! Well we're still waiting!! and I'm sure we're dirty as hell! Heh & I would like to know why Mystery / PJ took 40 Min's to get dressed for stag duty.. I could hear him rustling around for ages, and while he did this at 04:00 ish(Zulu) I decided to get changed into some clean kit just to mask my rustling and save me time during Admin in the morning!

***I'm wondering if the chap who dropped out of the forced march after 200m will either be binned or will have to complete the 4Mile forced march again.. poor chap!! But you do have to train in your own time!!, as it will save time and stress later.. that and a nasty ear bashing/piss takes from others in the company!
bumpkin1 said:
yeh i was there. Was pretty wet wasn't it! all in all good weekend, learnt loads! Camp should be good just hope the weathers better.
Do you know the name of the Barracks/Training area we are going to, I think it is up near Manchester? well that's what the rumour was.. :)

Which company do you belong to Bumpkin1? I'm in C Coy, not sure if you met me & I'm not sure if I met you? :)
Anyway do you know any others who might be floating around here, well that are from 3rd Bn Royal Anglian Regiment?
bumpkin1 said:
No idea I bet there are a few floating about. What section where you in?
Erm I think I was in section 2, it was all C Coy from Northampton & Leicester :)
Just remember this is a public domain you never know who it watching :)
Remember it is the 3rd Bn! not 3rd Royal Anglian Regiment - we really will have to get the Regimental History back on Phase 1
If you are going on camp it will be at Otterburn just outside Newcastle
I will make sure your instructors brief you correctly next time

Have a nice day all


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