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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RP578, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    ... or whatever other name you it as.

    Ladies and Gents my problem is:

    I have finally received confirmation today from 49 Bde that several of my recruits have been loaded on to this training cycle at Grantham. Unfortunately the first weekend starts this weekend and due to a combination of an absent storeman and sundry other factors, kit issue may prove impossible by Friday.

    I have looked at the kit list and it is extensive. Indeed it appears to resemble the full complement of soldier's 1157 issue. Surely not all of this is actually required on the first weekend? As it appears that I must resort to Op Beg, Borrow & Tactically-Commandeer in lieu of a stores issue it would be nice to know what they actually use.

    Thus it is that I turn to you my fellow ARRSErs. Has anyone here done this CMS(R)1b weekend at Grantham and can you give me a list of what you actually used?

    Thank you.
  2. QM got gowt again ?
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    No mate the SQMS (rhymes with 'locker') is on a 2 week course and the part time shelf stackers may not be around this week.

    Wouldn't have been a drama if we'd received the confirmation/joining instructions with a little more than four days notice. Usual lastminute.com deals being played out here. Will yak your ear off about it in the mess some time.
  4. Nothing changes !
  5. RP,

    Regarding RTC/CMS ( not sure about GAPS). The first two weekends are camp based (at least at Aldershot anyway) and only require sleeping bags, C95's boots etc, PT kit and note book etc.

    Weekend 2 is packing CEFO and CEMO, but seems only to be demo by the DS and not requiring individual kit.

    The DS seem to be aware of issue problems with regards to people wearing non issue boots etc.

    Weekend 3 RTC/CMS will involve CBRN and field craft so field kit will be required.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Why not give someone on the training team a call? Captain Lambert is the guy in charge (i'll be there this weekend for TAFS2).
  7. Not to be too picky but at RTC(SE) Aldershot the first 4 weekends are camp based (apart from PT) with weekend 5 being fieldwork.
    WE3 is SAA/BCDT
    WE4 is SAA/CBRN

    Hope this helps
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks all. Toysoldier, I'm hoping Grantham sinng from the same 4 Div hymn sheet as Aldershot, because CBRN kit is the one thing I can't scrounge for them.
  9. Just to make your day the only CBRN we do at 51 on the first w/e (NOT TAFS 2)
    is the generic threat & charateristics/effects.
  10. At 15 Bde W/E 3 is called B1 (I think). I am still very confused about the whole thing!.

    All joining instuctions are to be sent in BATCO inorder to be more helpful!.

    The Army is broke so don't expect to be fed, paid, have anywhere to sleep, get transport, be issued any kit (thats complete). Oh, and by the way we may need to mobilise you in the near future!.

    Where have all the recruits gone?. Doh! Your only STABS what does it matter anyway.
  11. When I did my weekends, weekend 3 was shooting and BCD, but hey

    anyhow, all the way through my basic there were recruits short of one bit of kit or another. (i was quite lucky only missing a dress belt and issue notepad) but some people had monumental amounts of missing kit

    if you tell your recruits that if asked to produce a piece of equipment that they haven't been issued to simply tell the DS "haven't been issued it Sir / Cpl / Staff / Sgt / Colour / whatever" then the DS will usually take a sympathetic side, chat some shit about "they'd never have done this in my day" and ponder off to find fault in the next guy, then try their best to get you something issued/

    TOP TIP: to those other recruits: if you have been issued a piece of kit, but have forgotten it / left it in your locker / whatever and you are asked for it - tell em you didnt get issued one. then you wont be doing press-ups.

  12. Does the term "Bitter & Twisted" spring to mind anyone?
  13. Bitter and twisted!, Thats me.