Rt.hon.mr.Blair: Ive been tough on crime.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml;jsessionid=BF2GYQWRE53FFQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/04/28/do2806.xml

    No matter what is your opinion about highly esteemed mr.Blair what do you think about his approach to fighting against criminals?
  2. Spin spin spin.

    Total recorded crime has gone down agreed but there are some forms of crime that have balloned

    This is a list of TOTAL. VIOLENCE AGAINST THE PERSON crimes from 1997 to 2006. 239,340 250,827 256,070 230,756 502,788 581,038 600,922 650,330 845,085 967,234 1,048,160 1,059,913

    It has gone from 239,340 to 1,059,913.

    This is not a good result.

    Numbers from here.

  3. Because the way crime is recorded has been changed?
  4. Because some crimes are not reported because the people affected know that nothing will be done.

  5. Precisely - as indeed have several 'other' areas.

    It will not improve with Brown either - a bit like going from a corduroy walking stick - to cast-iron sandals,with custard shoe laces..
  6. He may have made a little headway, however let us not forget the quick and trouble free immigration of thousands of criminals and undesirables from all over the world!

  7. Surprise. According to this sourse


    1997 - 4 598 327
    2005/6 - 5 556 513
  8. The 25 page dossier on Tony's legacy is just one more example of a crime that is increasing under Neue Arbeit - the crime of lying wantonly to the electorate.
  9. The only thing he's done to get criminals off the streets is give them cabinet jobs.

    He introduced a target culture into every aspect of public life. This has led to the emphasis on reporting on delivery, which draws resources away from actually delivering. This applies to law and order as much as the NHS.
  10. He is right though because there is no crime outside his home, maybe due to a bobby on his door step. Look at into the real Britain bLiar and see whats really happening and the lack of beat bobbies. Wonder if he's got the stats for the amount of criminal cases brought against his party and members over the last decade compared to the previous decade?
  11. "Tough on crime , tough on the causes of crime". Who remembers that statement?
    Violent crime especially knives and guns has exploded.
    There are no prison places left
    Drugs related crime is massive with the number of addicts rising
    A large chunk of our GDP not to mention the lives of soldiers is going towards propping up a country that produces most of the raw materials used to feed the addicts and hence the criminal element in this country.
    Spin that one Bliar you hapless ctun.
  12. This weekend nearly every Police Station will have some prisoners sitting in their cells due to the prison problem. I think whoever is in the hot seat will not get it right - the problem is its the drugs era.. you can't keep up with it unless you have taken a little speed.
  13. The problem with that is that the government/authorities believe banging people up is the way to deal with them. If they are not a danger to others I don't see this as the only way ahead.

    What about extreme fining action, seizing of assets, hard labour aka community service, and other techniques?

    Also, charging food and accomodation to inmates.... no more free rides.

    If they fail to turn up to Community Service (think of it like ROPs) then they get banged up.
  14. My role in civ div is deterring crime and it all sounds good but nothing really gets done as the same ole same ole scrotes still around doing what they do.social decay at its best im afraid

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  15. A lass who posted a thread in the NAAFI summed this up perfectly....


    If there was any truth in Mr Blair's statement, she would have had the confidence to do the right thing immediately, and would not have been seeking help on ARRSE.